About LOH & Partners Law Office

LOH & Partners Law Office specializes in areas of business law such as corporate law, intellectual property law, property law and land law. We specialize in long-term working relationships with companies as corporate lawyers. In addition, we are also active in providing legal assistance to disadvantaged parties, especially in civil cases.


Knowledge in business law and human rights law.

Intern Duties (Example)

Conducting research on legal cases

Drafting contracts

Drafting legal opinions

Work Hours


Dress Code

Semi-formal (e.g. Business attire, collared shirts/ blouses, trousers/long skirt, long dress covering shoulders and knees, batik shirt/ blouse/ dress, closed toe shoes. No t-shirts, shorts, flip flops)


LMPP Building, KH Wahid Hasyim

Street Number 10 Kebon Sirih Menteng Center

Jakarta Indonesia