About Lokataru

Lokataru Law & Human Rights office is a professional litigation boutique law firm. The office was formed in 2017 by its founding partners: Haris Azhar, Eryanto Nugroho, Sri Suparyati and Nurkholis Hidayat. Entering a competitive Indonesian legal industry, lawyers at Lokataru never leave its values and commitment to the rule of law. As legal services business, we serve the best interest of clients in balance with the best interest of justice. We are lawyering with a highest professional standard of quality and integrity.

Beyond traditional lawyering, the office always search and create new innovation in the practice of law and commit to contribute to law reform.

We provide a practical guide, assistance and capacity building programs in designing business and human rights frameworks, in establishing and improving the existing business and human rights initiatives, and in the implementation of appropriate and adequate procedures and controls to mitigate adverse human rights impacts.

We also assist government to develop appropriate regulatory and policies, legislation and adjudication on business and Human Rights, assist government and state agencies to develop and achieve its national human rights and business action plans, and advocate access to judicial and non-judicial remedies for human rights violations and impact of corruption by Corporations and State.

Intern Duties

– Draft case notes as required.

– Draft and prepare legal memos for consumption by the general public.

– Involvement in Lokataru’s self help project

– Research and drafting of legal opinions.

Work Hours:

9am to 5pm


Jl. Balap Sepeda No. 61

Pulo Gadung
Jakarta Timur 13220