The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS – pronounced Ah-chee-chis, as an Indonesian would say it) is a non-profit international educational consortium. ACICIS is the longest running provider of in-country Indonesian study programs and the primary mechanism through which Australian students pursue study in Indonesia for academic credit.

ACICIS runs study programs in a range of disciplines including Indonesian language, journalism, development, business, law, creative arts, agriculture, sustainable tourism and international relations.

Our Mission

To increase the number of Australian university students undertaking study at Indonesian institutions of higher learning.

Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading trusted facilitator of international student mobility programs to Indonesia.

Our Values


Education and in-country study is central to the cultivation of new generations of Australians with the requisite skills and passion for engaging with Indonesia.


By working together Australian universities can build a durable two-way educational exchange between Australia and Indonesia.


High-quality pastoral care and support is key to ensuring a student’s experience of Indonesia is positive and longlasting.


Relationships established between Australians and Indonesians during their formative years at university will build closer ties between our two nations.


Established in 1994, ACICIS is a non-profit international educational consortium of 23 Australian universities (including nearly all of Australia’s leading institutions in the field of Indonesian studies), and two international members in the UK and the Netherlands. The consortium’s national secretariat is currently hosted by The University of Western Australia in Perth. In addition to the Secretariat and its staff in Australia, ACICIS currently employs more than 20 full-time staff in Indonesia in offices located in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung. Read about current ACICIS staff in Australia and Indonesia here.

ACICIS programs and activities are governed by a National Reference Group consisting of senior academic Indonesia-specialists and international student mobility professionals representing all Australian state and territory jurisdictions, as well as several “members by invitation” appointed to the Reference Group by virtue of, and for, their particular specialist knowledge, expertise, or professional experience.