During orientation practicum participants will stay in one of a number of nominated hotels, and you will be send details of your hotel prior to your departure. Twin rooms will be booked so that rooms may be shared to keep costs down for participants. During orientation, information about long-term accommodation options will be provided.

Kos/Boarding Houses
Jakarta has a myriad of kos/boarding house options. ACICIS staff have personally surveyed all accommodation options and recorded contact details provided in the list of accommodation options. Time and assistance will be provided during orientation for participants to survey the options. ACICIS advises participants to choose accommodation in locations that provided convenient access to both Atma Jaya University and their work placement.

A lot of people in the workplace in Jakarta live in a Kos as an alternative to long commutes from the suburbs. Living in a kos is a great way to establish social networks and develop a connection to the bustling city of Jakarta. There are a number of types of kos – all male, all female or mixed. The latter being most common in Jakarta.

Average costs for a one-month boarding house booking ranges from AUD$200-700.