Following the easing of the Australian Government restrictions pertaining to international travel, the reduction in the overall level of travel advice for Indonesia and consultation with our partner universities and relevant Indonesian authorities, ACICIS intends to resume in-country delivery of our Flexible Language Immersion Program, Development Studies Immersion Program and Indonesian Business, Law and Society Program from August 2022.

While ACICIS aims to keep the information on our website as accurate and up-to-date as possible, any advice is provided as a guide only and should not be relied upon when formulating travel and study plans. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, rules and regulations pertaining to study in Indonesia (e.g. visa and entry requirements) have changed significantly and regularly at short notice.

ACICIS anticipates that relevant rules and regulations, alongside the overall COVID-19 situation as it pertains to Indonesia, will continue to change at multiple junctures between the time of publication and the start of the August 2022 semester. Prospective participants will therefore need to be flexible in their planning, and have contingencies in place in terms of their study plans, travel plans and budget. Participants should not make any travel arrangements prior to receiving further advice in their formal “welcome letter” from ACICIS.

In order for a foreigner to study in Indonesia for any length of time, a Temporary Residence Permit (E-ITAS) is required. As such, students participating in ACICIS’ semester programs must enter Indonesia on a Temporary Stay Visa or VITAS, which is subsequently converted into an E-ITAS after arrival in their city of study. ACICIS’ in-country staff will assist with this conversion process.


  • Is (at present) issued electronically subject to change.
  • Costs USD$150 subject to change.
  • Can take up to 4-5 months to issue
  • Must be issued while you are outside Indonesia (no travel to Indonesia during the months prior to your semester). Please contact ACICIS if you have any plans to visit Indonesia before your semester’s commencement.  
  • Requires a minimum of 12-18 months validity (program dependent) on your passport on the date of entry into Indonesia
  • Must be converted into an E-ITAS shortly after entry into Indonesia. Participants cannot arrive in Indonesia until immediately before orientation commencement.


  • Is a sponsored visa that is valid so long as you are enrolled with your sponsoring institution (your Indonesian university, not ACICIS).
  • Is a study visa. You may not work.
  • For students staying for an entire semester or longer, includes a Multiple Exit-Reentry Permit for the first six months. This allows you to enter and exit the country.
  • Is non-convertible to another visa type.
  • Requires cancellation via the issuance of an exit permit prior to permanent departure. E-ITAS holders must make arrangements for their permanent departure from the city where they are registered immediately prior to leaving Indonesia. That is, students in Bandung, for example, will be required to apply for an Exit Permit Only in Bandung immediately prior to going home. You cannot finish the semester, travel to the other end of the archipelago and then exit from a place of your convenience.

VITAS Applicants Must:

  • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (received two doses and a booster – if eligible – of vaccines recognised by the Indonesian government) at the time of visa application.
  • Hold medical insurance with coverage for at least USD$25,000 of COVID-19 treatment while in Indonesia.
  • Have access to savings of at least USD$2,000 or foreign currency equivalent.
  • Have no criminal record.

In order to obtain a VITAS, it is important that students supply EVERY item required on the application checklist. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will result in visa authorisations being issued late. ACICIS takes no responsibility for losses (either financial or academic) that result from the submission of incomplete visa application forms. All costs associated with additional visa processing due to late/incomplete applications (such as the issuance of temporary social-cultural visa, extension and conversion costs, or flights in and out of the country) will be borne by the applicant.

Accompanying family members

ACICIS is able to assist in obtaining VITAS visas for family members who intend to accompany applicants to Indonesia. Applications can be requested by contacting the ACICIS Secretariat.

Entry Requirements (Checked Upon Boarding Flight/Entering Indonesia)

In addition to holding a valid VITAS visa, participants:

  • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including any additional booster doses they have become eligible for) at least 14 days prior to departure.
  • Must return a negative RT-PCR test taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to departure. Note these must be taken, and paid for, at a private pathology clinic. Test results from government clinics will not be accepted by airlines or Indonesian authorities.
  • May be required to undertake a quarantine period in an approved hotel in the city of arrival at their own expense.  This has been both increased and reduced at multiple junctures recently.
  • Will receive further PCR tests on arrival and during their quarantine period. Currently, a positive test result will see the individual moved to a special isolation hotel/facility (asymptomatic or mild cases) or hospital (cases requiring medical treatment) at their own expense.

Advice is Subject to Change

The above advice is very subject to change between now and the start of participants’ chosen ACICIS semester. Visa, travel and quarantine arrangements could tighten or loosen. Any ACICIS applicant will therefore need to be flexible in their plans, and have contingencies in place in terms of their study plans, travel plans and budget. ACICIS will make sure that applicants are aware of the range of possibilities, including the costs for quarantine and additional government-mandated isolation prior to committing to the program by way of paying their administration fee.