Short Term Programs Visa & Immigration

In order to undertake short courses, training or internships for academic purposes in Indonesia, a B211A Visitor Visa is required. These activities are not permitted on a Visa on Arrival. ACICIS and our partner universities will arrange B211A Visitor Visas for all our short-term program participants.

The B211A Visitor Visa:

  • Is valid 30-60 days. Dependent on program duration.
  • Is issued electronically, and sent to participants by email once issued. Participants are not required to visit an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate or send their passports anywhere prior to departure.
  • Costs approximately AUD$215 once all processing charges are taken into account. Subject to change.
  • Can take between two and three months to issue.
  • Must be issued while you are outside Indonesia (no travel to Indonesia during the three months prior to your program). Please contact ACICIS if you have any plans to visit Indonesia before your program’s commencement .
  • Requires a minimum of six months validity (program dependent) on your passport on the date of entry into Indonesia.

B211A Visitor Visa Applicants Must:

  • Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (received two doses and a booster – if eligible – of vaccines recognised by the Indonesian government) at the time of visa application.
  • Hold medical insurance with coverage for at least USD$25,000 of COVID-19 treatment while in Indonesia.
  • Have access to savings of at least USD$2,000 or foreign currency equivalent.
  • Have no criminal record.

In order to obtain a B211A Visitor Visa, it is important that students supply EVERY item required on the application checklist. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will result in visas being issued late. ACICIS takes no responsibility for losses (either financial or academic) that result from the submission of incomplete visa application forms.

Entry Requirements (Checked Upon Boarding Flight/Entering Indonesia/Proceeding to your ACICIS Program Location)

In addition to holding a valid B211A visa, participants:

  • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (minimum two doses and a booster = minimum three doses).
  • Must complete an online customs declaration.
  • Must download the Indonesian Government’s PeduliLindungi app, and verify their vaccinations with the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Advice is Subject to Change

The above advice is subject to change between now and the start of participants’ chosen ACICIS program. Please do not make travel arrangements prior to receiving your formal Acceptance Letter from ACICIS. More detailed advice, including a B211A Visitor Visa application package will be provided with Acceptance Letters.