Introducing the ACICIS Study Indonesia Team

Senior Leadership

Liam Prince

ACICIS Consortium Director

Liam Prince joined ACICIS’ Perth team as Secretariat Officer in 2011. Prior to taking up the role within the Secretariat, Liam was working closely with ACICIS Consortium Director, Professor David Hill, on an ALTC National Teaching Fellowship focused on developing a national plan for the future of Indonesian language studies in Australian universities. Liam heads the small team at the ACICIS Secretariat based at The University of Western Australia in Perth overseeing student recruitment and the marketing and promotion of ACICIS programs, liaison with consortium member university personnel, and the general management of  the Secretariat’s day-to-day operations.

Liam completed his undergraduate studies in International Business Economics and Indonesian at The University of Western Australia and in 2012  completed an Honours dissertation on “Contemporary Manifestations of Javanese Wayang Mythology in Contemporary Indonesian Popular Culture”.  Liam spent a semester in Yogyakarta with ACICIS in 2000 and has ever after been scheming at ways various and novel to get himself back to Indonesia.

Assoc/Prof David Reeve

ACICIS Deputy Consortium Director

Associate Professor David Reeve is the ACICIS Deputy Consortium Director and Study Tour Coordinator.

Prof Reeve has been visiting Indonesia for over 40 years, as a diplomat, researcher, historian, visiting lecturer, beach comber and project manager. He has lived in Indonesia for eleven years, and worked at four Indonesian universities. He was a founding lecturer in the Australian Studies program at Universitas Indonesia in the 1980s. He had a three-year stretch at Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang in the 1990s, as resident director for the ACICIS program. He has written on Indonesian politics, Indonesian language, and Australian-Indonesian relations. David retired from his position at UNSW in July 2006.

Prof Reeve has great experience in the development of Indonesian language tertiary teaching materials and curriculum design, and LOTE teacher education requirements. His experience includes head of the materials development section of the Teaching Indonesian as a Foreign Language TIFL project 1992-1994, the CAUT Independent Listening materials project for Indonesian, 1994-1995; the DEET ILOTES dissemination of TIFL project materials project in 1995, the NALSAS Indonesian videos project 1996-1998, teacher training for the NSW LOTE teachers at UTS in the 1990s, and training for NSW community schools teachers in the mid-1990s.

Dr Adrian Budiman

ACICIS Resident Director

Dr Adrian Budiman joined ACICIS in early 2016 as the Deputy Resident Director, serving in the role until the end of 2017. In January 2018 Adrian was appointed Resident Director (RD). In his capacity as RD, Adrian oversees all aspects of the delivery and management of ACICIS programs in Indonesia, including provision of academic supervision and pastoral care support services for students undertaking study in Indonesia through ACICIS. The RD also serves as ACICIS’ primary liaison with Indonesian authorities and universities.

Adrian received his PhD in Media Arts and Studies from Ohio University in 2008, an MA in International Affairs from the same institution in 2003 and an undergraduate degree in Management from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Prior to his position at ACICIS, he served as a faculty member at the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication and Deputy Director for the Centre of International Affairs and Cooperation at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Adrian has published extensively on media issues and the emergence of social media in Southeast Asia. He also serves as a consultant at UNICEF on Communication for Development (C4D), the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD, 2010), instructor for media monitoring at the Academy of Educational Development (AED, 2008), and as the coordinator for the Indonesian Broadcast Journalists project at NBC 4, Columbus, Ohio in 2007. Adrian has also worked in the private sector in various management positions in Indonesia between 1992 – 2000.

Janelle May

ACICIS Deputy Resident Director

Janelle May joined the ACICIS Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in 2013. Janelle holds a double degree in Indonesian and Secondary Education from Curtin University and worked as an Indonesian teacher at a local high school in Perth for a number of years before pursuing postgraduate studies. She obtained her Master of Arts in Asian Studies from Murdoch University in 2014, with a focus on culture and development.

As part of her Master’s Janelle spent one semester in Yogyakarta with ACICIS on the Development Studies Immersion Program where she worked on a project pioneering an independent herbal village in a community in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. She also spent time in 2013 undertaking field research for her dissertation in the Greater Surakarta (Solo) area, examining the socio-economic impacts of organic rice certification for smallholder farmers in the Boyolali regency.

ACICIS Secretariat, Perth

Natassia Bell

ACICIS Secretariat Officer

Natassia Bell joined the ACICIS Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in 2018. Natassia holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) from RMIT University.  View Bio »

John McMaster

ACICIS Secretariat Officer

John McMaster joined the ACICIS team as a Secretariat Officer in Perth in January 2016. John is currently studying in his fifth year of a double bachelor’s degree in Law and Arts (majoring in Security, Terrorism, and Counter-terrorism) at Murdoch University. View Bio »

Meg McPherson

ACICIS Marketing & Student Recruitment Coordinator

Meg McPherson joined the ACICIS Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in 2009. Meg holds a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) and a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication) from Curtin University. View Bio »

Jason Parish

ACICIS Secretariat Accountant

Jason Parish joined the ACICIS Perth team as an accountant in 2017 to assist with financial reporting for the Secretariat and for future statutory reporting requirements. View Bio »

Matthew Satchwell

ACICIS Secretariat Officer

Matthew Satchwell joined ACICIS’ Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in July 2013. Matt has recently completed an Honours degree in Arts (Asian Studies) at the University of Western Australia (UWA), writing his dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of a major oil and gas project in Bojonegoro, East Java. View Bio »

Saskia Ziemann

ACICIS Marketing & Design Officer

Saskia Ziemann joined the ACICIS Perth team as a Secretariat Officer in 2016. Previous to working with ACICIS, Saskia worked as web developer/ multimedia designer for various Australian and German organisations. View Bio »


Nayaka Imaddudin Abdus Salam

ACICIS Program Assistant for Indonesian Language programs and School Tours (ILST)

Nayaka Imaddudin Abdus Salam (Nayo) holds a degree in International Marketing with a Bachelor of Economics from University of Gadjah Mada. View Bio »

Riyan Wahyu Utomo

ACICIS General Program Assistant (GPA)

Riyan Wahyu Utomo (Riyan) studied Social Development and Welfare at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM. During his studies, Riyan worked as a program assistant at the German Studies Center (UGM). He also worked at the Indonesian Culture and Learning Service (INCULS), UGM. View Bio »

Amalia Anindia

ACICIS Development Officer for the Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum

Amalia Anindia (Dea) is ACICIS’ Development Officer for the Sustainable Professional Practicum (STPP). View Bio »

Nabila Khoiru Nisa

ACICIS Yogyakarta Program Assistant

Nabila Khoiru Nisa (Lala) began her role as a Program Assistant for the Flexible Language Immersion Program (FLIP) in January 2018. Prior to this, Lala was an administrative intern at the ACICIS Yogykarata Office for one year. View Bio »

Dani Prakasa Karuniawan

ACICIS Yogyakarta Program Assistant

Dani Prakasa Karuniawan (Dani) holds a degree in English Language Education from Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Yogyakarta. View Bio »

Wahid Rahman

ACICIS Yogyakarta Program Assistant

Wahid Rahman (Wahid) joined ACICIS in July 2016 as an administrative intern. After obtaining his law degree at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), he started a full-time position as the Indonesian Business, Law, and Society (IBLS) Program Assistant in April 2017. View Bio »

Ida Kusuma Astuti

ACICIS Finance and Administration Officer

Ida Kusuma Astuti (Ida) joined ACICIS as Assistant Office Manager in January 2016. Ida holds a Bachelor Degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University in 2013. View Bio »

Sherly Rosa Senja

ACICIS Senior Development Officer

Sherly Rosa Senja (Sherly) re-joined ACICIS’s Yogyakarta team as Yogyakarta Program Coordinator in 2016 after finishing her MA in Applied Linguistics for TESOL from Durham University, England and is now Senior Development Officer of ACICIS’ new Indonesian Language Short Course (ILSC). View Bio »

Nurfitra Asa

Stakeholder Relations and Internships Manager

Nurfitra Yutha Asa (Asa) joined ACICIS as the Jakarta and Bandung Program Coordinator in August 2015.  View Bio »

Sinta Sulistianingsih Padmi

ACICIS Yogyakarta Program Manager

Sinta Sulistianingsih Padmi is the ACICIS Program Manager in Yogyakarta. Previous to working with ACICIS, Sinta studied at the English Department of Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Cultural Sciences. She completed her undergraduate degree in August 2007 with a major in English literature. View Bio »


Ingrid Dyah Nastiti

ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum Program Assistant

Ingrid Dyah Nastiti (Ingrid) joined ACICIS in 2018 as Journalism Professional Practicum Program Assistant. She holds a bachelor degree in communication from the Faculty of Social and Political Science at Diponegoro University, Indonesia. View Bio »

Novyti Wulandari

ACICIS Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum Program Assistant

Novyti has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design at Binus University, Jakarta. View Bio »

Kristin Budiyarti

ACICIS Business Professional Practicum Program Assistant

Kristin Budiyarti (Kristin) joined ACICIS as Business Professional Practicum Program Assistant in May 2018. Kristin holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences from the Department of International Relations, Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2018. View Bio »

Ronald Indrawan

ACICIS Program Assistant for the Law Professional Practicum

Ronald Indrawan (Ronald) is the Jakarta Program Assistant for the Law Professional Practicum (LPP). Ronald holds a degree in International Relations from the faculty of humanities at President University. View Bio »

Bernadetta Handayani

ACICIS General Program Assistant

Bernadetta Handayani (Yani) is the General Program Assistant. Yani graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University majoring in Hospitality and Tourism. View Bio »

Citra Reswara Gantiaji

ACICIS Senior Program Assistant

Citra Reswara Gantiaji (Citra) holds a degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta. She joined ACICIS as an administrative intern and student buddy in January 2015. View Bio »

Wilia Paramitasari

ACICIS Jakarta Program Coordinator

Wilia Paramitasari (Sari) joined ACICIS as the Jakarta Program Coordinator in July 2017. She holds a Bachelor degree in English Education from Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Banten. Sari’s first immersive experience of Australian culture was as a participant on The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) in 2010. During her time on AIYEP, Sari served as the group leader for the Indonesia delegation, and headed up community development education projects in Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi. View Bio »


Nea Maryami Ningtyas

Bandung Program Assistant

Nea Maryami Ningtyas (Nea) joined ACICIS as a Bandung Program Assistant in 2018. She graduated with an International Relations degree from Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. View Bio »


Ruth Sry Yutika

Bogor Program Assistant

Ruth Sry Yutika (Ruth) joined ACICIS as a Bogor Program Assistant in 2018. Ruth is currently on her final year to complete a Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Agriculture, majoring in Plant Protection – Bogor Agricultural University. View Bio »

Winny Faramuli

ACICIS Senior Program Assistant

Winny Faramuli (Winny) joined ACICIS in October 2015 as a Bandung Program Assistant. in January 2018 Winny moved from Bandung to Bogor to oversee the Agriculture Semester Program, and to assist with the development of the new Agriculture Professional Practicum. View Bio »

Sessional Staff

Michael Sheehy

ACICIS Agriculture Professional Practicum (APP) Academic Program Officer

Mr. Sheehy is a former Australian agribusiness manager who has managed major beef cattle properties in Western Australia for BHP and the Northern Territory for the Heytesbury Pastoral Group. View Bio »

Lydia Napitupulu

ACICIS Business Professional Practicum (BPP) Academic Program Officer

Lydia Napitupulu completed her Master of Science degree in environmental and natural resource economics at the University of Rhode Island, USA, under the Fulbright Fellowship. She has worked for the Indonesia Project at The Australian National University since 2011.  View Bio »

Dr Maharani Hapsari

ACICIS Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) Academic Program Officer

Maharani Hapsari (Rani) is a lecturer at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada since 2005.
She completed her master degree in 2010 and doctoral degree in 2012 in the field of international development at Nagoya University, Japan. View Bio »

Jewel Topsfield

ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) Academic Program Officer

Jewel Topsfield was the Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media from 2015 to 2018, based in Jakarta.
She is now the national correspondent for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, based in Melbourne. Jewel has won multiple awards, including a Walkley for international journalism and the $20,000 Lowy Institute Media Award, which recognises journalists who have deepened and enriched the discussion of global issues in Australia. View Bio »

Dr Kelli Swazey

ACICIS Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP) Academic Program Officer

The STPP Academic Program Officer for 2019 is Dr Kelli Swazey.
As a cultural anthropologist, Dr. Swazey researches the complex relationship between religion and culture in defining identities in the Indonesian public. She has served as a faculty member at the View Bio »

Dr Luh Putu Lila Wulandari MPH

ACICIS Public Health Study Tour (PHST) Tour Leader

The PHST Tour Leader for 2018 is Dr Luh Putu Lila Wulandari (Wulan). View Bio »

Dr Elly Kent

ACICIS Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum Academic Program Officer

The CADPP Academic Program Officer for 2019 is Dr Elly Kent.
Elly Kent is a translator, writer, artist and has been awarded a PhD from The Australian National University School of Art in art theory and practice. View Bio »