About Trade Union Rights Centre

Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) is a labour service NGO based in Jakarta and established in 2004 by several human rights lawyers. TURC has a mandate as a labour ‘think thank’ organisation to support the Indonesian labour movement through strengthening independent trade unions in the collective bargaining negotiation process with both parties, government and employers in order to improve social welfare.

TURC’s work focuses on the empowerment of trade unions by developing capacity building program for trade unionists on labour law, industrial relations dispute settlement, decent wages, social security, trade union leadership, collective bargaining, occupational health and safety, as well as providing legal consultation and assistance for trade unionists.

TURC also contributes in bridging the communication among trade unions in various industry sectors as well as between trade unions, government, and other national/international CSOs. We are encouraging trade union leaders to develop common interests, agendas and strategies to fight for workers’ rights while promoting more participative roles for trade unions in the policy making process.

Scope of Work

We work in 8 (eight) provinces throughout Indonesia; i.e. DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Riau Islands, South Kalimantan, and North Sulawesi.


TURC’s main partners are workers and trade unions in various industry sectors particularly garment, textile, shoes, palm oil plantation workers and also home-based workers. TURC also develops networks with relevant stakeholders, i.e civil society organizations, government (national & district level), parliament members, philanthropic organizations, universities, international organisations, and journalists.

Policy Advocacy

In each advocacy where we are involved in, we have always sought a face-to-face discussion by using evidence-based method with relevant stakeholders, including policy-makers, in order to find collaborative solutions on the issue of decent wages, collective bargaining, job security, social security, and etc.


  • Research & Publication
  • Legal Advocacy (litigation and non-litigation)
  • Training and Workshop
  • Discussion
  • Seminar


  • Currently enrolled as a university student or fresh graduate in social science (Politics, Sociology, communication or marketing student, or majoring graphic design)
  • Having interest on labour issue especially in manufacturing industry, palm oil industry, and home-based workers.
  • Good command in English or Bahasa Indonesia
  • Active in campus or other related organizations
  • Interest in research, community organizing, as well as advocacy
  • Experience in designing and developing public relations/media instrument is preferable
  • Positive work ethic with a willingness to learn
  • Good communication skills and teamwork
  • Ability to create visual designs for digital purposes (website and social media) is preferred
  • Competent in using collaborative digital tools and operating social media

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Researching into labor issues;
  • Interviewing expert on labor law in Indonesia;
  • Assisting and joining in public campaign on Decent Work and/or other current labour topics organised by TURC;
  • Joining in FGD and making a report from the discussion;
  • Observing and joining selected activities organised by TURC;
  • Making observation report with student’s own analysis about the issues;
  • Overseeing TURC’s current communication plan and contribute in streamlining the external communication process.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 18.00 WIB


TURC Office: Jl. Mesjid II No. 28, Pejompongan, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.

Telp./Fax.: +62 21 5744655

Email: info@turc.or.id