About Lembaga Kajian dan Advokasi Independensi Peradilan (LeIP)

Lembaga Kajian dan Advokasi Independensi Peradilan (Indonesian Institute for Independent Judiciary) is a non-governmental organisation which since its establishment in 2000, has focused on judicial sector reform. LeIP’s work is founded on the belief that an independent, accountable and transparent judiciary must be achieved in partnership between civil society, the judiciary, government and other relevant stakeholders. Research based advocacy conducted by LeIP has made LeIP a critical partner of the Supreme Court of Indonesia and involved in many reform projects with the Supreme Court.

Noted for its development of Blueprints for the Supreme Court of Indonesia in 2003 and 2010, and the implementation of these recommendations, LeIP continues to contribute to judicial transparency through the development and implementation of policies and regulations on court transparency. In 2007 and 2011 LeIP were involved in drafting the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Decree regarding Information Disclosure in Court which granted the public ease of access to court information.

Since 2008, LeIP’s focus is on ensuring better consistency and quality of court decisions. LeIP conducted advocacy on establishment of the chamber system in the Supreme Court to enhance the consistency and quality of Supreme Court decisions. In 2011, the Supreme Court implemented the chamber system and LeIP remains involved in improving the implementation. LeIP has facilitated greater consistency by indexing the court decisions (especially Supreme Court decisions) in www.indekshukum.org. The purpose of this website is to grant ease of access to the public for searching for specific legal issues addressed in Supreme Court decisions.

Currently, LeIP is organising reform projects with funding from various organisations, such as Embassy of Netherlands, USAID, AusAID and the European Union. One of the current projects focuses on enhancing the handling of corruption cases through creating the corruption data warehouse for law enforcement officials and harmonising the handling of cases and information between the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Attorney Generals Office (Kejaksaan Agung).


  • Interest in judicial independence, judicial transparency, criminal law and civil law issues Each of the interns will research 1 legal issue (among 3 issues listed before).
  • Willingness to work in a team with different tasks
  • Good research and writing skills
  • Able to work as a team player and to meet tight deadlines and schedules

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Conducting legal research on a comparative study between Indonesia and Australia about:
    – Alternatives to imprisonment and correctional systems;
    – Execution of court decisions; or
    – Case limitation mechanism.
  • Assisting researchers of LeIP in researching specific legal issues.
  • Organising seminar series regarding the Australian Legal System.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

Dress Code

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sports shoes or sandals)


Lembaga Kajian dan Advokasi Independensi Peradilan (LeIP) Puri Imperium Office Plaza Unit G17
Jalan Kuningan Madya Kav 5-6, Kuningan, South Jakarta Jakarta, 12980

Student Profiles

Charlotte Solomon is a participant in the 2018 Law Professional Practicum from Murdoch University. Charlotte is studying a Bachelor of Laws majoring in Policy. Charlotte received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program.