Indonesia from the ground up! (IFGU) is an initiative designed to provide Australian educators with a comprehensive educational experience of Indonesia. Its initial development was funded by the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP). It will:

  • provide a high-quality guided immersion experience of contemporary Indonesian society and culture, its history, and its political and social issues;
  • give principals, senior school administrators, and teachers of studies of society and environment, English and the Arts, the skills and understanding to teach about Asia;
  • inspire participants to serve as ‘Asia-advocates’ within their school and discipline communities;
  • give participants the enhanced skills required to incorporate Asia-related materials into the Humanities and Social Science learning areas.

The tour incorporates a variety of activities which should appeal to a broad range of participants. The itinerary has been formulated with a careful balance of theoretical and practical experiences and is designed to challenge and confound stereotypes and cliché with respect to Australia’s nearest northern neighbour. The tour will bring Indonesia out of the textbook and into participants’ lived experience.

What is included in the study tour?

  • 3-4 star accommodation (Single room);
  • All lectures, transport, tours and activities;
  • Site entry fees;
  • Expert group leader with Indonesian experience; and
  • English speaking guides.

The study tour is designed for principals, senior school administrators, and liberal arts teachers – teachers of history, geography, arts, business, environment, media, and citizenship – those who have little or no Indonesian language skills. After arrival in Indonesia the group will then travel through Java to Bali. Participants will learn about Indonesia from the ground up through fieldtrips and engagements with local communities, buttressed by lectures and workshops. They will visit educational institutions (schools & universities), sites of historical, cultural and contemporary significance, a major media company, a wide variety of environmental and community NGOs, artistic organisations, a post-disaster reconstruction area, historic temples, and traditional villages. The tour will introduce Australian teachers to the workplaces of their Indonesian counterparts, with visits to a school in Jakarta, a BRIDGE school in Bali and an Islamic boarding school (pesantren) in Yogyakarta. They will experience first hand the Indonesian school environment.

There will be a balance of academic and ‘hands-on’ experiences, bringing scholarly analysis alive through practical engagement. The group will be supported by an experienced Indonesia-specialist from Australia, and a group of local counterparts in each location (pendamping –usually students from the local university or organisation), to assist with language, facilitate rapport and personalised interaction with the local community. Participants will have the opportunity to create new networks with Indonesian counterparts, and to collect authentic handouts, materials, videos, photographs and realia.