Indonesia from the ground up! will include:

Jakarta (3 nights)

  • An orientation program including a briefing on health and security, an Indonesian language basic survival skills tutorial, and a reception organised by the Australian embassy (subject to confirmation).
    Briefings on current Indonesian politics and the vibrant post-Suharto media scene in Jakarta, including a tour of an Indonesian newspaper.
  • A tour of the Sunda Kelapa harbour area.
  • A visit to a community school in one of Jakarta’s slum areas that power the informal economy of Southeast Asia’s largest city.

Bandung (2 nights)

  • A tour of an active volcano near Bandung.
  • An introduction to the Indonesian view of international relations at Parahyangan University, including group discussions with Indonesian students.
  • An angklung performance and workshop.

Yogyakarta (4 nights)

  • Visits to World Heritage-listed temples such as Borobudur and Prambanan, and a tour of Kota Gede.
  • An overnight stay in a village and a tour of one of the lava fields.
  • An evening performance of the epic Hindu Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan temple or perforemance area.
  • A visit to an Islamic boarding school (pesantren).
  • Practical workshops on batik making and silver making.

Bali (3 nights)

  • Tours highlighting Balinese architecture and culture.
  • A visit to a turtle breeding program.
  • A visit to a school participating in the Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE program.
Location Day Experience Partner Theme
Jakarta 1 Fly to Jakarta
2 Orientation Briefing from ACICIS ACICIS Security and Health
Everyday Indonesian Atma Jaya University Language Basics
3 Indonesian Trading Sunda Kelapa Port Indonesian History
Indonesian Media Jakarta Post Media
School Visit Kartini Emergency School Urban Poverty
Welcome Ceremony Australian Embassy Introduction to Indonesia
Bandung 4 Bus to Bandung
Volcano Tour Vulcanology Centre Geology, Earth Science
5 Discussion Forum Parahyangan University International Relations
Angklung workshop Angklung Mang Udjo Music
Yogyakarta 6 Train to Yogyakarta
7 Batik workshop Giriloyo Women’s Batik Cooperative Traditional Craft & Arts
Tour of Kota Gede Culture and Arts
Silver workshop Traditional Craft & Arts
Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Temple Traditional Dance
8 Tour of Prambanan and Plaosan temples Prambanan Temple History & Culture
Islamic boarding school Krapyak pesantren Education
9 Sunrise Tour of Borobodur Temple Borobodur Temple History & Culture
9 Village Living Seminar Village Stay Culture
Bali 10 Fly to Bali
11 School Visit Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE School Education partnerships
Architecture & Culture Tour Culture
 12 Turtle Conservation Serangan Island turtle tour Nature & Conservation
 13 Fly to Australia

Please note: This itinerary may be subject to change.