Both Australian and international universities can apply to become members of the ACICIS consortium. As a member, a university will be able to take advantage of ACICIS’ well-established in-country infrastructure and almost 30 years’ experience in sending students to Indonesia. Consortium membership is a cost-effective and credible way for member universities to send their students to Indonesia for supervised in-country study.

There are many benefits to joining ACICIS:

  • ACICIS has been successfully placing international students in Indonesian universities since 1995.
  • There is a large and expanding range of study options available.
  • ACICIS organises a 12 month temporary resident permit (KITAS) for students. ACICIS handles the administration of that this process entails both prior to departure and once students have arrived in Indonesia.
  • We have a full time academic Resident Director (RD) stationed in Indonesia to oversee our in-country programs.
  • The ACICIS Secretariat, based at The University of Western Australia in Perth, is staffed on a full time basis.
  • We have established safety and emergency procedures for students and staff. All students, where possible, are registered with their embassies and must carry a mobile phone to allow easy and quick communication with the RD.
  • All students attend a compulsory in-country orientation program at the start of their semester covering safety and security matters, study options, visa regulations, health concerns, and cultural adjustment.
  • ACICIS graduates exit in-country immersion programs with a very high standard of Bahasa Indonesia.
  • ACICIS runs a mailing list for alumni and others interested in Indonesia.
  • Summary of ACICIS

Initial Joining Fee

The initial joining fee for membership of ACICIS is A$11,974, plus applicable GST. This fee is only paid when a university first joins the Consortium (or re-joins after letting their membership lapse).

Annual Membership Levy

The 2024 annual membership levy for universities is A$11,974, plus applicable GST. To maintain membership for a calendar year, members are required to pay their annual membership levy by 1 September of the preceding year. Members of the ACICIS consortium sign the ACICIS Joint Venture Agreement (obtainable from the Secretariat).

If you are interested in joining ACICIS please contact the ACICIS Secretariat for more information.