Any student who has been accepted into an ACICIS in-country semester program, who subsequently decides to withdraw from or postpone their participation in the program should notify the ACICIS Secretariat in writing of their intentions as soon as possible. Depending on the timing of withdrawal, different financial and academic penalties may apply. See below for key dates and details.

Pre-Program Withdrawal

The AUD$753 Residency Permit/Orientation Fee payable at the time of application is non-refundable. In the case of students deferring their participation in an ACICIS semester program until another semester, it may be possible for part of this fee to be held over as a credit to be applied against future ACICIS semester program fees. Similarly, the AUD$165 Visa Application Fee – also payable upon application – is non-refundable once the ACICIS Secretariat has applied for a visa on a student’s behalf. A student’s Tuition Fee (AUD$3,615/AUD$4,820 for member/non-member university students) is refundable up until the start of orientation (check dates here). After this date no refunds are possible. More information on semester program costs is available here.

Temporary Pre-Program Withdrawal Policy Changes for ACICIS Semester Programs Commencing in July and August 2020

ACICIS acknowledges that there is significant uncertainty around international travel at present due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. While ACICIS hopes that our July and August 2020 semester program intakes will be able to proceed, we acknowledge that prospective applicants may be unwilling to make any financial commitments to participating given the possibility that their chosen program may be cancelled, or restrictions on outbound mobility may remain in place at their home university.

To ease these concerns, ACICIS’ pre-program withdrawal policies are amended as follows for all program intakes commencing in July or August 2020:

All fee payment deadlines will remain as published, however, any payments made to ACICIS will be fully refundable should participants need to withdraw from their program prior to commencement under the following circumstances:

  • Their home university imposing restrictions on outbound student mobility to Indonesia/worldwide (or current restrictions on outbound mobility remaining in place)
  • The Australian Government’s travel advice level for their program location or Indonesia overall remaining at Level 4 – Do not travel and/or
  • The ACICIS National Reference Group (or delegate) deciding to cancel their ACICIS program prior to its commencement.

Any queries regarding this temporary amendment to our program withdrawal policies may be directed to the ACICIS Secretariat by email ( or phone (+61 8 6488 6675).

Mid-Program Withdrawal

A student’s semester program Tuition Fee will not be refunded after commencement of orientation (check dates here). For Australian students, these dates will differ from the normal HECS-HELP census date in effect at home universities. Home institutions may elect not to withdraw the HECS-HELP liabilities pertaining to a student’s participation in an ACICIS in-country semester program, or, alternatively, may require a student withdrawing mid-program to repay the Tuition Fee paid on their behalf by their home university to ACICIS (AUD$3,615/AUD$4,820 for member/non-member university students).

Academic penalties incurred by a student withdrawing from an ACICIS semester program are determined by the Indonesian host university at which the student is enrolled and by the regulations in force at the student’s home university. Student withdrawal from an ACICIS semester program after its commencement may result in the student being deemed to have failed the program. Indonesian universities, as a rule, do not have elaborate special consideration regulations. ACICIS recommends that students wishing to apply for special consideration in the case of withdrawal enquire with their home institution to see if their special consideration policies apply to students enrolled in overseas study programs.

The ACICIS Secretariat requires written notification of a student’s intent to withdraw mid-program prior to the student’s departure from Indonesia.

Special Mid-Program Withdrawal Arrangements for Semester 50 (January- June 2020) Participants

In response to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the ACICIS National Reference Group has approved a temporary amendment to above the withdrawal policy for the current cohort of ACICIS semester program participants (Semester 50: January – June 2020). For more details please visit this webpage.