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ACICIS Bogor: Wrap-Up (Semester 45/August 2017)

In August 2017, ACICIS welcomed 3 students on the Agriculture Semester Program at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). All students were recipients of a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant and have now completed their studies at IPB and their professional placements in various institutions related to the agriculture sector. The students concluded [...]

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ACICIS Bandung: Wrap-Up (Semester 45/August 2017)

ACICIS' Semester 45 (August 2017) cohort is the largest cohort of ACICIS students in Bandung on record, with 23 students in total enrolling in ACICIS' International Relations Program (IRP) and ACICIS' West Java Field Study (WJFS) at Parahyangan University (UNPAR). 14 students undertook this program with the support of New Colombo Plan Mobility [...]

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ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program: Wrap-Up (Semester 45/August 2017)

In Semester 45, we welcomed 13 students for the ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program. 12 students undertook this program with the support of New Colombo Plan Mobility Program. Following the 6-week academic period learning Indonesian language at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) as well as learning Indonesian development issues through seminar series and case [...]

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ACICIS Indonesian Business, Law and Society Program: Wrap-Up Semester 45 August 2017

The Indonesian Business, Law and Society (IBLS) program is one of ACICIS’ semester programs in Yogyakarta. Students on the IBLS have the opportunity to study at Indonesia’s oldest private university, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). As part of the IBLS program, students have the option to undertake a professional placement (internship) [...]

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ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program: Seminar Series (Semester 45/Aug 2017)

ACICIS' Development Studies Immersion Program Semester 45 (Aug 2017) welcomed 12 students from 6 ACICIS member universities  - UNSW Australia, Murdoch University, Griffith University, The University of Adelaide, Monash University and RMIT University. For the 6-week academic component, the students studied Indonesian language at the Indonesian Language and Culture Learning [...]

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ACICIS 2017 ‘Indonesia from the Ground Up’ (IFGU) Tour Wrap-Up

ACICIS was delighted to welcome yet another group of great teachers from New Zealand on their Indonesian cultural connection trip from October 6 – 10 2017. Together with the Asia New Zealand Foundation, ACICIS hosted the group in Yogyakarta over five days, where they were able to immerse themselves in [...]

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ACICIS IBLS: CILACS Wrap-Up (Sem 45/Aug 2017)

At the beginning of their semester, ACICIS Indonesian Business, Law and Society students are enrolled in a compulsory Indonesian Language and Culture class at the Centre for International Language and Culture Studies (CILACS). This class is taught at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, and provides students with the opportunity to gain an [...]

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ACICIS Agriculture Semester Program: Wrap-Up (Sem 44/Jan 2017)

This semester we welcomed one student, Troy Simonato from Western Sydney University on our Agriculture Semester Program (ASP). Troy undertook the Agriculture Semester Program with the support of a $6,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant. The ASP offered Troy the opportunity to experience academic life at Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB) by enrolling in an Indonesian language class, and [...]

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ACICIS Public Health Study Tour 2017 Wrap-Up

In July 2017, ACICIS welcomed 42 students from 13 Australian universities on the second iteration of the Public Health Study Tour (PHST). Of the 42 students on the program, 25 were supported by New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants. Accompanied by the PHST Tour Leader, Dr Luh Putu Lila Wulandari MPH, [...]

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ACICIS Bandung: Wrap-Up (Semester 44/Jan 2017)

Fourteen students on ACICIS semester-long programs based in Bandung have delivered their final presentation about their thesis and internships. This semester, four students completed a thesis on a chosen topic on ACICIS' West Java Field Study (WJFS) and ten students completed ACICIS' International Relations Program (IRP), eight chose to complete a professional placement as [...]

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