Security Update: Student Demonstrations: 25 September 2019

Over the course of this week (commencing 23 September 2019), large university student led demonstrations have taken place in several cities across Indonesia, including in the ACICIS program locations of Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. These protests have been in response to legislation passed by the Indonesian parliament last week, reducing the authority of Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), and controversial new criminal code currently being considered by the parliament. A number of these protests have turned violent. At the time of writing, in excess of 300 protestors and police officers have been treated in hospital for injuries sustained during the demonstrations.

Given the conditions of their Indonesian university sponsored visas and the Australian Government’s travel advice to “avoid political rallies, protests and demonstrations” in Indonesia, ACICIS participants are strictly prohibited from participating in political activities while in-country. The ACICIS Resident Director, earlier this week, sent a reminder to all current participants regarding the importance of avoiding demonstrations, and advising students to change travel routes to avoid protest locations if necessary. This morning (25/9/19) ACICIS conducted a precautionary headcount of current participants. All students have been contacted and accounted for as safe and unaffected by the demonstrations. As a further precaution, given the particular uncertainty regarding the security situation in the Indonesian capital city at this time, the Resident Director has, this afternoon, issued an instruction to ACICIS students not to travel to Jakarta until further notice.

For the time being, ACICIS study options currently taking place in the cities of Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bogor and Malang will continue as normal. ACICIS will continue to monitor the situation closely and advise participants and home universities should any modifications to program activities be deemed necessary.

ACICIS participants with any safety or security concerns are strongly encouraged to discuss these with the ACICIS Resident Director and in-country staff. Prospective students, friends, family and home university staff are welcome to discuss any concerns they have with the ACICIS Secretariat (08 6488 6675 /

Liam Prince
ACICIS Consortium Director

Security Advice Clarification: Lion Air Services: 18 April 2019

ACICIS has recently received queries regarding whether the security advice issued on 29 October 2018, instructing all ACICIS participants to avoid using Lion Air for domestic or international travel until further notice, still stands.

This initial advice was issued in light of the fatal crash of Lion Air Flight JT610, killing all on board, and the Australian government’s subsequent prohibition on its officials or contactors flying on Lion Air or its subsidiary airlines until the findings of the crash investigation became clear.

At present, the Australian government’s advice instructing its officials or contactors not to fly on Lion Air or its subsidiary airlines that operate outside of Australia is still in place. Current and prospective ACICIS students are, therefore, still instructed not to fly on Lion Air or its subsidiary airlines (with the exception of services operating to and from Australia) until further notice. ACICIS does not utilise Lion Air services as part of any official program activities.

Students requiring further clarification on this advice are welcome to contact the ACICIS Resident Director. Likewise, staff at the ACICIS Secretariat in Perth are available to field any questions prospective students, family, friends and member university staff might have.  Queries may be directed to the ACICIS Secretariat on 08 6488 6675 or at

Liam Prince
ACICIS Consortium Director