An honest but romantic experience in Java

By Michele Fois (Sem 56/February 2023) SOAS University of London Dear reader, I don’t know you and probably never will, but I’d like to leave behind an honest and somehow romantic homage to what I have learnt from my experience in Indonesia for those who are interested. The following [...]

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Kickstarting our Careers

By Angus Cormick* (Virtual DSPP 2021) Deakin University Selamat Sore and Good Evening everyone. I’m Angus Cormick and I’m a student in the Development Studies Professional Practicum. First of all, I wish to say terima kasih banyak or thank you very much to everyone involved in the ACICIS program and [...]

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Lifeline to Indonesia

By Inga Mueller* (Virtual APP 2021) The Australian National University As many of you remember, the course started off under unique circumstances. At the time, both Bali and Java, as well as most major Australian cities, went into lockdown, my suburb in Sydney included. As we commenced our intensive and [...]

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How coming to know the Other helps us better know the Self

By Kate McNamara * (Virtual LPP 2021) The Australian National University Selamat siang semua, saya sangat senang bertemu dengan kalian di sini. My name is Katie, and I am dialling in from Canberra, the land of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples, and I would like to acknowledge their ongoing custodianship, their [...]

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Closer to Indonesia Than We Think

By Vishrut Pande* (Virtual LPP 2021) Monash University It is an honour to be able to share my experience in the Law Professional Practicum with everyone, and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about my peers’ experiences in different programs. When beginning this program, I was nervous. This stemmed from being [...]

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A Wonderful Journey

By Sabutai Haider* (Virtual APP 2021) Deakin University Today is a bittersweet moment for me and probably for a lot of the other students here as well. It has been a wonderful journey over the past 6 weeks where we have had the opportunity to learn much about Indonesia and [...]

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An Invaluable Insight into the Media Landscape of Indonesia

By Sienna Curnow* & JPP students (Virtual JPP 2021) RMIT University Selamat pagi atau selamat siang. I’d just like to start by saying thank you to the rest of the JPP students who collaborated on this speech to come. Our entire cohort has come together to share their experiences, standing [...]

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An Overview of the Summer 2021 Business Professional Practicum (BPP)

By Richard* (Virtual BPP 2021) Murdoch University At the beginning of this program, I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive. I was wondering, how beneficial could a virtual placement actually be? Especially with an organisation in another country, with another culture. Well, it turns out, these concerns were completely [...]

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Reflections on the Summer 2021 Virtual Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP)

By Bayan Yazdani* (Virtual DSPP 2021) Flinders University If there are three words to describe the Development Studies Professional Practicum, they would have to be inspiring, engaging and future-shaping. Selamat siang semua, my name is Bayan and today I will be representing the DSPP cohort to share some key reflections, [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Studying in Bali

Leona Longden is a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant recipient from Murdoch University. Leona participated in the 2020 Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum in Bali, Indonesia, where she interned with Jaringan Ekowisata Desa (JED). Throughout the practicum, Leona was an ACICIS Social Media Ambassador, tasked and trusted with using social media [...]

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