More than the Classroom

By Lara Whitehouse (Semester 42/February 2016) Charles Darwin University Yogyakarta is truly a city that never sleeps. A city that, if one allows it, can render the humble student wide-eyed and gaping at the opportunities, experiences and fun that they are bound to come across during a semester exchange. Yogya [...]

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By Lachlan Haycock (Semester 42/Feb 2016) University of the Sunshine Coast Words are powerful things, and so it comes as no surprise to me that when you can’t find the right ones or say them in the right way, you lose the power to articulate your meaning or intention as [...]

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ILTI Testimonial

By Paula Tsalamangos (Sem 40/Feb 2015) Flinders University Looking back at 5 months spent in such a culturally enriched country brings nothing but smiles to my face. At the start of 2015 I couldn’t actually believe that I was about to embark on an incredible 5 month exchange in Yogyakarta, [...]

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Changing Perspectives

By Danny Carney (Semester 34/Feb 2012 & Semester 35/Aug 2012) University of Tasmania It's been a few years since I spent a year studying with ACICIS. I credit that year as the time my relationship with Indonesia became serious, that I went from flowing in and out of Bali with [...]

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Classes at UII

By Mercedes Whelan (Sem 40/Feb 2015) Murdoch University I decided to apply for the ACICIS Islamic Business, Law and Society (IBLS) Program after speaking to a friend from Murdoch who had participated in the program and loved it. As a young person growing up in WA, I was like many [...]

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Unity in Diversity

By Kirby Taylor, (Semester 40/Feb 2015) Private Participant Living and studying in a bustling Indonesian city is something you cannot prepare for. As cliché as it might be, you really just have to be ready for anything, to expect the unexpected. It’s a generalisation but … Indonesian youth are always on [...]

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IBLS Testimony

By Mark (Semester 40/Feb 2015) Murdoch University Why Indonesia and not America or Europe you ask? To answer this question we need only consider that Indonesia is Australia’s largest neighbour, it has a rapidly emerging economy and a fascinating political past, which is still unfolding. It is no coincidence that [...]

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Como Secondary College Students in Yogyakarta

ACICIS were thrilled to welcome Como Secondary College (Western Australia) back to Yogyakarta on another ACICIS Indonesian School Tour on 21-28 November 2015. Studying Bahasa Indonesia back in Perth, we could see the enthusiasm of the eight Como students to be in Yogyakarta to practice and learn more Bahasa Indonesia [...]

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Wedderburn College Students in Yogyakarta

ACICIS was very excited to welcome three students and two accompanying teachers from Wedderburn College (Victoria) to Yogyakarta on 27 September 2015.

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New Colombo forges fascination for Indonesia

By Annalise Bolt, JPP 2015
University of New South Wales

With a passion for mi goreng and zero Indonesian language skills I travelled alone to Jakarta to complete a Journalism Professional Practicum, with the support of a New Colombo Plan scholarship.