By Jordan Brown, BPP 2016
Monash University

After spending four months in Yogyakarta as a part of the Development Studies Immersion Program (DSIP), I decided that signing up for another six weeks in Indonesia’s hustlin’ and bustlin’ capital, Jakarta, as part of the Business Professional Practicum was a good enough excuse as any to stay in this country that I hadn’t fully comprehended just yet.

While my time in the region of Yogya had introduced me to the Indonesian university and rural lifestyle, Jakarta was a whole new playing field. The first two weeks were piled up with language classes, seminar sessions covering the dynamism of business in Indonesia and kos (a student boarding house) hunting. On the odd occasion, there were invites to the embassy, private tours of the in-country Google office in addition to the ongoing mission of finding the most magnificent sky bar that the city had on offer.

Once snuggled in and somewhat acclimatised, I began my four week placement at Kiroyan Partners, a strategic communications management consulting firm. As a very “artsy” business student, I was both excited and nervous to see if I could cut it in the corporate world. However, all of my colleagues were exceptionally hospitable and supportive. On top of that, many of them had lived in Melbourne before so we often reminisced about our favourite alleyways to find a bite to eat.

During my time at Kiroyan, I was also given my own individual project to complete. With little supervision or direction, I became responsible for developing a strategy for the firm and providing recommendations based on my analysis of internal issues. I delivered my findings to the whole organisation, including the founder and senior consultant team, during a final hour-long presentation. While nerve-wracking, it was also the highlight of my placement. Since I have returned to Australia and entered grad job season, my presentation at Kiroyan has become a prominent demonstration of my ability and skills that has become invaluable in distinguishing myself from other candidates.

After only two months of being back home, I have found that I have short-changed myself by leaving Indonesia so early and have subsequently bought a ticket to Jakarta for this up-coming break.What started off as a bit of fun and adventure and a test of my capability has become a place to return to, where friends and colleagues will gladly be waiting for me.

For more information about this program visit: Business Professional Practicum