How much does a ACICIS Virtual Professional Practicum cost?

The ACICIS Professional Practicum Programs are high-quality, intensive academic study programs delivered virtually from Indonesia for Australian and international university students.

ACICIS practicum programs combines academic study with a 160 hour professional placement at an Indonesian or international host organisation. Placement host organisations are sourced from a broad range of industries and sectors in Indonesia.

ACICIS practicum programs are open to Australian and international students enrolled at both ACICIS member universities and non-member universities, as well as to private participants.

Administration Fee
(all Students):
AUD $300
Tuition Fee
Member University Students:
AUD $2,700
Tuition Fee
Non Member University Students:
AUD $3,700
Financial Help:
AUD $3,000 New Colombo Plan mobility grants available
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What is included in the administration fee?

Application review and vetting
Academic credit approval facilitation
Placement host organisation matching and placement setup
Comprehensive pre-program information and email and phone support
Pre-program online networking event with other program participants, ACICIS alumni and/or ACICIS staff
Total $300


 What is included in the tuition fee?

Orientation session  
Intensive Indonesian language training at an Indonesian host university (40 hours of instruction)  
Series of seminars, tutorials and virtual fieldtrips/case studies led by industry experts and practitioners (30 hours of instruction)  
A supervised professional placement (160 hours)  
High-quality academic supervision and mentorship by ACICIS-appointed academic specialist for duration of the program  
Marking and assessment of all assessable items outlined in the course outline for provision back to student’s home university  
An unforgettable professional and personal development experience!  
Total $2,700

Home University Course Enrolment

Please check with your university or faculty administration regarding relevant enrolment steps and/or any applicable tuition fees at your home university pertaining to participation in this ACICIS program. If in doubt, contact the ACICIS Secretariat for advice on who to speak to at your university.

Payment Process and Terms

Administration Fee Payment
The administration fee ($300) is payable upon your successful acceptance into the program. Upon sending you formal notification of your acceptance, ACICIS will issue you with an electronic payment link for this fee. Settlement of your administration fee is due within 7 days of payment link issuance unless otherwise negotiated and approved (in writing) by the ACICIS Secretariat. ACICIS will not commence work on setting up your professional placement until your administration fee has been settled. The administration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Fee Payment

Upon your successful acceptance into the program, ACICIS will issue you with a second electronic payment link for payment of the ACICIS tuition fee ($2,700/$3,700). The tuition fee must be paid in full to ACICIS by 10 May (programs commencing in June)/15 November (programs commencing in January). Unless otherwise negotiated and approved (in writing) by the ACICIS Secretariat, failure to settle payment of your tuition fee within the specified time frame will result in the forfeiture of your place on the program.

*Please note: if you are receiving a New Colombo Plan (NCP) mobility grant to support your study with ACICIS, you may not receive your grant until after your tuition fee payment is due. Please contact ACICIS to negotiate (in writing) any extensions on the deadline for the tuition fee payment.

If you are a Commonwealth supported Australian university student, you may be able to partially or fully defer payment of your ACICIS tuition fee through HECS-HELP. Your ability to defer payment of the ACICIS tuition fee in this manner is dependent on the arrangements in place at your home university for the management of Commonwealth funding schemes. If in doubt, contact the ACICIS Secretariat for advice on who to speak to at your university about deferring payment of your ACICIS tuition fee via HECS-HELP.

Withdrawal and Refunds

The administration fee is non-refundable.

Withdrawal from a practicum after the payment of the practicum Tuition Fee and up until 31 May (programs commencing in June)/1 December (programs commencing in January) will attract a withdrawal fee of $700 with the balance of the tuition fee being refundable. After 31 May (programs commencing in June)/1 December (programs commencing in January), no refunds will be possible.

If you are enrolled in a home university subject code for the purposes of undertaking this ACICIS program, arrangements for the withdrawal from this subject code – and any applicable financial and/or academic penalties – are determined by the regulations in force at your home university. You are advised to consult with your home university or faculty administration regarding applicable subject withdrawal policies, procedures, and penalties. If in doubt, contact the ACICIS Secretariat for advice concerning who to speak to at your university about this.

Full details of ACICIS’ practicum program withdrawal policy can be found here.