Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP)

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ACICIS’ Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum Program (STPP) will be a six-week study program, undertaken prior to the commencement of the Australian academic calendar year (January – February).

The program, hosted by an ACICIS Indonesian Partner University (TBC) will consist of an initial two weeks of intensive Indonesian language instruction and English language lectures by local practitioners and experts in the field of sustainable tourism, followed by a four-week supervised practicum placement within a local or international tourism and hospitality company or organisation.

The program will be designed to cater for students with no existing Indonesian language skills. Candidates with existing language skills will, however, be welcome.

Tourism is an important industry in many developing nations, where it supports economic development and propagates cultural heritage. This is undoubtedly the case in Indonesia which has a thriving tourism industry based on its abundant natural and cultural resources. The tourism industry in Indonesia, however, faces many challenges related to natural resource management and sustainable commercial practices. The need to develop sustainable tourism practices is a rapidly emerging issue in Indonesia as the industry – as it currently operates – continues to deplete the nation’s natural and environmental resources. ACICIS’ Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum will provide Australian students with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the social, cultural and political systems that underpin the tourism industry in Indonesia, and to consider issues relating to sustainability and resource management within the sector. They will also gain practical skills in hospitality, management and other commercial practices within Indonesia’s tourism and hospitality sector.

It’s difficult to understand a place until you’ve been immersed fully into it. The ACICIS Professional Practicum programs go a long way towards starting that immersion.”ACICIS Past Participant

New Colombo Plan Funding

In the latest New Colombo Plan (NCP) funding round ACICIS secured over $3.6 million to support member university student participation in a range of ACICIS short course and semester programs in Indonesia – including $267,000 to support up to 89 students to undertake the consortium’s Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum between 2019 and 2021.

Six consortium member universities have already indicated their interest in being involved in the 2019 pilot iteration of the STPP program, including: University of Technology Sydney, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, La Trobe University, RMIT University and The University of Melbourne.

What you need to know

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Dates: 2 Jan – 16 Feb 2019
  • Application Deadline: 1 July 2018
  • Program Fee: AUD $3,375
Financial Help: AUD $3,000 NCP grants*
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