Public Health Study Tour

Tour 1: 2020 Tour 2: 2020
Applications close: 1 April Applications close: 25 August
Arrival date: 4 July Arrival date: 28 November
Start date: 4 July Start date: 28 November
Finish date: 18 July Finish date: 12 December
Departure date: 19 July Departure date: 13 December

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the below program dates are as accurate as possible, all dates are subject to change.

Orientation is compulsory for all students. Only in instances of extreme hardship (eg. medical or family emergency) will ACICIS consider a late arrival, and this decision is made entirely at the discretion of ACICIS’ Resident Director in Indonesia. Evidence of hardship (not merely inconvenience) will be required.