About Associated Program for International Law (APINTLAW)

Apintlaw is a specialised platform and institution for collaboration in the field of international norm and law. The team and works of Apintlaw covers the ones in international law, including in UN specialised agencies, on cases with international nature, and in collaboration with legal and research entities in several places.

There is a vast development on legal studies, its attributed practices and institutionalisation in the past 20 years. In those span, the international law is affecting national institution. Indonesia is included. This development relates with how the law force national institution to capacitate themselves in dealing with convergence, and in many times, with conflicting of law and institution. In this, constitutional law in Indonesia serves as particular entry points and exercise platform to promote and protect the rights of Indonesian citizen, and to help the society to adapt with brutal changes impacting Indonesia.

The Apintlaw dedicates substantial attention to look into how this development will be transformed into the work on body of law, body of knowledge, and practices of law. The Apintlaw seek to take efforts to relate with other universities, intergovernmental institutions, research groups, and excellence centers; with academia (universities), government, and public policy making process.



Research skills

Intern Duties (Example)

Contributing to legal research.

Work Hours


Dress Code

Semi-formal (e.g. Business attire, collared shirts/ blouses, trousers/long skirt, long dress covering shoulders and knees, batik shirt/ blouse/ dress, closed toe shoes. No t-shirts, shorts, flip flops)


Yogyakarta Office:

Jalan Perumnas 101A, Nglaren, Condongcatur,

Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55283

Jakarta Office:

Jalan Kalibata Tengah, No.1A, RT5/RW7,

Kalibata, Kecamatan Pancoran,

Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta 12740