About Community Legal Aid Institute (LBH Masyarakat)

LBH Masyarakat, established in December 2007, is a frontline human rights organisation that provides free legal services for the poor and victims of human rights abuses; empowers marginalised communities; and advocates for law reform and human rights protections through research, analysis, strategic litigation and public campaigns.

LBH Masyarakat prioritises its work on the abolition of the death penalty, fair trial issues (including torture and imprisonment), right to health (including mental health), LGBT rights, HIV and human rights, drug policy, and the rights of women and children.

LBH Masyarakat has been at the forefront of the abolition casework where we provide free legal assistance to people facing the death penalty. In 2015, LBH Masyarakat represented Rodrigo Gularte, a Brazilian national who had paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and was executed by Indonesia – in the same group as Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. LBH Masyarakat also represented Humphrey Ejike Eleweke, an innocent Nigerian national whose case was fabricated and the court’s decision was racially biased, who was executed in July 2016. We had assisted Humphrey since 2008. LBH Masyarakat is also assisting Merri Utami, an Indonesian female drug mule who was listed for execution in July 2016, but was reprieved in her final minutes before execution.

Since 2009, LBH Masyarakat has been a leading human rights organisation in Indonesia advocating for a humane drug law/policies and pioneering human rights empowerment for people who use drugs, people living with HIV, and sex workers.

The core work of LBH Masyarakat consists of: casework (include strategic litigation); community legal empowerment; research and analysis; and public campaigns. LBH Masyarakat regularly visits four detention centres in Jakarta providing early legal information for new detainees about their legal rights and criminal procedures. LBH Masyarakat routinely updates its work and the human stories of our fellow clients and communities on our official website and social media platforms.


• Good Bahasa Indonesia skill is preferable but not mandatory;
• Ability to analyse human rights issues;
• Adequate research skills (not necessarily legal research, but could include social research); and
• A good sense of humour.

Intern Duties (Example)

Summarising series of international treaties and UN reports. These summaries will be used for digital library;

Drafting/writing reports/briefings/memos/research papers;

Translating reports/briefings Indonesian-English and vice versa; and

Assisting LBH Masyarakat’s lawyers or caseworkers or analysts/researchers in casework or policy work.

Work Hours

LBH Masyarakat works 9 to 5, five days a week, Monday to Friday. However, from time to time we also work on public holidays or on the weekends, if required (ie urgent work). Interns are encouraged to work at least 24 hours per week.

Dress Code

Casual work attire for daily work and Semi-formal/formal attire is required when attending formal meetings with third parties.


Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam VI E No. 3, Jakarta Selatan

We are conveniently located between two train stations: Tebet and Cawang. Access is quite strategic to Menteng, Kuningan, Kemang and even to the airport.

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