About Muhtar Halim and Partners (MHP)

Established by qualified and experienced lawyers with blended experience as practicing lawyers as well as in-house counsels, MHP has the necessity skills and expertise in providing professional, precise and qualified solutions to its clients in order to achieve the clients’ business goals and expectation.

The skills and expertise enjoy by the lawyers of MHP have given suitable background for providing legal advice and services with meticulous analysis and with an understanding that the legal advice provided should give the best applicable solutions to clients’ queries and needs.

MHP attorneys also have exceptional knowledge and connection in various aspects and sectors of Indonesia’s business environment and governmental atmosphere as well as good relationship with the pertinent government officials, which give MHP an excellent experience in assisting clients in their investments and/or transactions.

Areas of Practice

A. Corporate & Commercial

  1. Muhtar Halim & Partners (“MHP”) Law Office represented several State Owned Enterprise engaging in telecommunication networks and services on the establishment of some subsidiaries engaging in the construction services and general trading. MHP also assisted those State Owned Enterprise in the increase of capital in several of its subsidiaries.
  2. MHP represent several foreign investment companies on the shares acquisition and/or assets acquisitions. Also, MHP assisted various of international clients on the establishment of foreign investment companies in Indonesia. Preparation, negotiation and closing of joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements and their ancillary agreements and documents are also part of MHP’s inseparable act of representation to its clients.

B. IT and Telecommunications

  1. Assisting subsidiary of a State Owned Enterprise engaging in gas distribution on the preparation of agreement on the operation of fiber optic networks from Singapore to Java Island.
  2. Assisting subsidiary of a State Owned Enterprise engaging in gas distribution on the preparation of lease agreement for the use of fiber optic networks from Singapore to Java Island.
  3. Representation of client on the business sale of a company engaging in online game activities.
  4. Advising clients on data protection regulations and practices in Indonesia.
  5. Advising clients on operation and regulatory frameworks of Over The Top (OTT) services in Indonesia.

C. Media and Entertainment

  1. Representation of a Russian company on the establishment of Pay TV Company in Indonesia.
  2. Representation of a Singapore company on the preparation of the Joint Venture Agreement, production, distribution and sale of the TV show “The Kitchen Musical” and “The Challenger Muai Thai” and registering the trademarks in some major jurisdictions.

D. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Representation of a State Owned Enterprise on the registration of Copyright and Trademark.

E. Construction & Project Finance

  1. Assisting and advising clients in the areas of corporate law and construction law.

F. Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment

  1. Representation of various company as client on the Cassation level with regards to the Bankruptcy decision on the Central Jakarta Commercial Court.
  2. Representation of various company as client on the attempt of challenging the Bankruptcy law in the Supreme Court filed by several receivers.

G. Litigation and Dispute Resolutions

  1. Representation of various company as client on the legal action against the Reconsideration of receiver fee at the Supreme Court.
  2. Representation of various company as client on the breach of contract lawsuit in various District Court.
  3. Representation of various company as client on the tort lawsuit in the various District Court.
  4. Representation of a subsidiary of a State Owned Enterprise engaging in telecommunication on the arbitration petition in Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian Arbitration Tribunal) against a government institution.
  5. Representation of a government institution on the arbitration petition in the Indonesian Arbitration Tribunal against a State Owned Enterprise engaging in construction.
  6. Representation of various clients in witness examination in the criminal case.
  7. Representation of various clients on the Administrative Court and in the Constitutional Court.


  1. Understanding of Law
  2. Research skills
  3. Communication skills
  4. Administrative skills
  5. The ability to work in a team
  6. Motivated
  7. Intellectual ability

Intern Duties (Example)


Researching the basics of the Australian legal system. The result of the research will be used for a presentation and discussion session;

Researching Indonesian legal system. This research will look further to its impacts towards foreign direct investment;

Other duties;

Proof reading translated case documents for grammar and spelling improvements;

Summarising key sets of rules;

Reviewing of case documents that were being prepared for transferal to Geneva for arbitration. This work involves spellchecking and proof reading a range of different styles of documents including minutes, contracts, and appendixes;

Assisting the team in developing and improving website design;

Presenting on Australian legal principles foundation;

Work Hours


Overtime may be required depending on deadlines of current projects.


Muhtar Halim & Partners Law Offie
Citylofts Sudirman, 19th Fl, Suite 1908
JI. KH Mas Mansyur No. 121
Jakarta 10220
T +62-21-299-12898
F +62-21-299-12897
E muhtar.ali@mhplawoffice.com
W www.mhplawoffice.com

Student Profiles

Rafia Islam was a participant on the Winter 2021 Virtual Law Professional Practicum from UNSW. Rafia is studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Law.

She received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan mobility grant to support her on this program.

Read more about Rafia’s experience here.