About the Institute of Migrant Rights

The Institute of Migrant Rights seeks to enlist international fora in addressing the growing human rights concerns surrounding the treatment of migrants within Indonesia. Traditional models of advocacy have resulted in very limited government protection for this population, particularly domestic workers and trafficked sex workers. The initiative seeks to bring light leading best practices, in particular with regards to the administration of justice, after the entry into force of the UN Convention on the protection of migrant workers; publicize the abuses of migrant rights to the international community to expand awareness and facilitate more technical support to address them; and further the acceptance of human rights norms in Indonesia by benefitting from the international human rights regime.

The initiative also seeks to serve as a bridge between the aspiration of locals and the applicable international norms. International law is rarely considered by activists or scholars in Indonesia, and resistance towards globalization is widespread among local public figures. This situation can be remedied by introducing the practical benefits of international law to individuals, by linking it towards human rights issues in Indonesia. The initiative is one of the first to explore this approach. This approach can help vulnerable groups such as Indonesian migrant workers and low-income migrant sex workers to benefit from international law; to hear their aspirations and urge the international community to respond in the appropriate manner.


  • An understanding on international law, in particular to knowledge related to migrant and/or migrant workers.
  • Ability to conduct independent desk research on issues surrounding migrant rights in the region.
  • Ability to write preliminary research summary or notes, and in the end produce a report on the issues they have researched.

Intern Duties (Example)

Conduct desk research that aids the ongoing projects within the organization.

Compile relevant sources and publications and summarize the key points retrieved from those sources into research summaries or notes.

Synthesize information and write a report pertaining to their research.

Work Hours


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