Known as ‘the exciting radio’ station amongst the student population of Yogyakarta, Unisi FM understands the challenges that lie ahead in future radio broadcasting. The importance of ‘media activation’ and the nurturing of young intellectuals both on and off the air has seen students play a more active role in the stations development, which has also helped ensure weekly programs become more relevant, thought provoking and entertaining.

Intern Duties

Interns are initially expected to observe and participate in all departments of Unisi FM to gain an understanding of the organization as a whole. However, they will then be required to choose one or more of the following units to form the basis of their internship:

Unit Job Description
Organiser (EO)
• Participate and help organise Unisi Road Show events
• Research markets to identify opportunities for such events
• Produce a detailed proposal for an event
• Coordinate venue management and manage the implementation of the event
• Sell sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners
• Liaise with marketing and PR staff to promote the event
• Conduct post-event evaluation (including data entry and analysis and produce reports for event stakeholders)
Radio Promotion – Marketing • Determine the target audience
• Conduct market research to evaluate current radio programs and target audience interests
• Develop strategies and methods to expand the target audience, marketing mediums and PR
• Develop campaign assessment strategies such as surveys, focus groups, and campaign promotions.
• Confidently collect, collate, and re-apply industry research material concerning advertising, sales, and marketing projects so as to create a
positioning-targeting strategy based upon an interpretation of data gathered
• Develop the Unisi website
Radio Programming and Broadcasting • Design a program that will appeal to/expand current demographic target audience
• Participate in and direct the production of the program
• Evaluate the success/impact/change in listeners behaviour
• Further develop current English programs
Management • Assess the current operation of Unisi FM
• Provide feedback and recommendations on business strategies and techniques to improve the overall

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00-15.00.