About Law Firms & Partners

The Faculty of Law at UII has a long established relationship with many law firms and legal practitioners in Indonesia, specifically in Yogyakarta. Annually, many final year students undertake internship programs in these law offices. This placement has proven to be very valuable in enhancing legal skills and developing a comprehensive understanding of the legal system in Indonesia.

Intern Duties

Interns will be involved in various tasks including drafting contracts, writing legal opinions, giving legal consultations, and assisting in analyse of legal cases presented in the court of justice. Duties and responsibilities may differ depending on the Law firm interning with. The following legal partners and law firms offer such experiential placements:

• Bastari Ilyas, SH.,MH. and Associates
• Triyandi Mulkan SH., MM. and Partners
• RM. Setyoharjo SH. and Partners
• Andi Rais, SH., MH. and Partners
• Nur Ismanto, SH., MSi and Partners
• Teguh Sri Raharjo, SH. and Partners
• Muhammad Iqbal, SH. and Partners
• Aprilia Supalyanto, SH. and Partners
• Aciel Suyanto, SH.,MBA. and Partners

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.00.


Various locations around Yogyakarta