About the Institute for Human Rights Studies (IHRS)

The Institute for Human Rights Studies (IHRS) or Pusat Studi Hak Asasi Manusia (PUSHAM) was established in April 2000. Officially launched to work on national and international human rights issues, IHRS is actively involved in social community development. IHRS works to protect the values of human rights and their cultural contribution to community life.

As an independent institution that focuses on scientific social research, the IHRS functions as a think-tank for issues relating to Islamic human rights, human rights law and human rights in Muslim societies. The IHRS also offers short courses and training to enhance community understanding of human rights, Islamic human rights in Muslim societies at a social and commercial level.

Intern Duties

Interns are encouraged to undertake this placement in the field of human rights to gain a greater understanding of Human Rights issues in Indonesia and to help develop awareness of the impact it has on society. They will be involved in various forms of human rights education to a vast range of people, civil workers, police, as well as students and communities. Interns may also be required to undertake market research to evaluate the effectiveness of IHRS campaigns in developing awareness on human rights issues, and to determine the improvements required to further develop the program.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00-15.00.