About Lembaga Konsultasi dan Bantuan Hukum (LKBH) and The Legal Aid and Consultation Institute (LACI)

The Legal Aid and Consultation Institute (LACI) or Lembaga Konsultasi dan Bantuan Hukum (LKBH) of the Law Faculty at UII was established in 1978, while Jogja Legal Aid (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum) was established in 1981. The presence of LACI has proven to be significant amidst legal issues prevalent in Indonesian society, as it constantly carries out community development projects to create a strong and independent community. The three main programs of LACI in developing the community include, Legal Education, Legal Consultations and Legal Aid. Through these programs, lecturers, students and alumni of the Law Faculty, uphold their duty to society by participating in community awareness seminars encompassing legal rights and community development, and providing legal aid to the underprivileged.


All interns are required to submit a formal application to LKBH. This application needs to include:

  • Curriculum Vitae (In English or Indonesian)
  • A letter that outlines any relevant experience and why you wish to undertake an internship with LKBH.

Intern Duties

Duties of students interning with LKBH may include:

  • Participating in legal education seminars throughout the community.
  • Assisting Indonesian Attorneys in providing consultations to clients
  • Witness Court Trials
  • Opportunity to discuss on radio your opinion on Indonesian legal issues and discuss Indonesian law comparatively with secular law.
  • Study the court processes of Indonesia and prepare briefing documents for senior counsel that reflects the office procedure and standards.
  • Prepare reports for Senior Counsel on the trials and client consultations that you attend.
  • Prepare presentations and information for colleagues on request.
  • Students of a business background will be involved in assessing the management and operation of LKBH and proposing business strategies and marketing plans to support LKBH continued funding and community support.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00-16.00.


Jalan Lawu No. 3 Kotabaru, Yogyakarta 55 224