About Jogja TV

As the first private local television station in Yogyakarta, Jogja TV exists to fulfil the needs of the surrounding community for news and information about the city itself, and also to empower local talent in this cultural and artistic capital of Indonesia. With its mission to develop the culture, economy and tourism of Yogyakarta, Jogja TV pays much attention to local programs and presents itself with a uniqueness and pride that is often lacking in commercial TV programming. By coupling the application of modern technology with traditional values, Jogja TV will ensure that the” continuous tradition” of culture and art in Yogyakarta is not only maintained, but further developed.

Intern Duties

Interns will experience and participate in a range of activities, encompassing all facets of TV programming before settling on one or more of the following units:

Unit Job Description
TV Programming • Design a program that will appeal to/expand current demographic target audience
• Participate in and direct the production of the program
• Evaluate the success/impact/change in viewers behaviour
• Further develop current English programs
Event Organiser • Participate in offsite events for the promotion and support of local bands, foundations, artists and communities
• Research markets to identify opportunities for future events to broadcast
• Produce a detailed proposal for an event
• Assist in the sale of sponsorship/stand/exhibition space to potential exhibitors/partners
• Liaise with marketing and PR staff to promote the event
• Conduct post-event evaluation and recommendations for improvements
Presenter • Present the daily news in English
• Research current affairs and issues to develop awareness about on student discussion programs
• Co-host music programs and music contests

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 09.00-15.00.