Semester Testimonials

Changing Perspectives

By Danny Carney (Semester 34/Feb 2012 & Semester 35/Aug 2012) University of Tasmania It's been a few years since I spent a year studying with ACICIS. I credit that year as the time my relationship with Indonesia became serious, that I went from flowing in and out of Bali with [...]

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Classes at UII

By Mercedes Whelan (Sem 40/Feb 2015) Murdoch University I decided to apply for the ACICIS Islamic Business, Law and Society (IBLS) Program after speaking to a friend from Murdoch who had participated in the program and loved it. As a young person growing up in WA, I was like many [...]

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Unity in Diversity

By Kirby Taylor, (Semester 40/Feb 2015) Private Participant Living and studying in a bustling Indonesian city is something you cannot prepare for. As cliché as it might be, you really just have to be ready for anything, to expect the unexpected. It’s a generalisation but … Indonesian youth are always on [...]

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IBLS Testimony

By Mark (Semester 40/Feb 2015) Murdoch University Why Indonesia and not America or Europe you ask? To answer this question we need only consider that Indonesia is Australia’s largest neighbour, it has a rapidly emerging economy and a fascinating political past, which is still unfolding. It is no coincidence that [...]

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By Alex Gibson (Semester 31/Aug 2010 & Semester 32/Feb 2011) University of Western Australia Sitting on the floor of my kost and reflecting on the past year brings to light a number of different and conflicting feelings. Firstly how lucky I have been to experience this wonderful place, culture and [...]

Daily routine on the Islamic Studies Program

By Che Che (Semester 31/Aug 2010) Charles Darwin University/University of the Sunshine Coast My daily routine began with a lovely little breakfast at the local warung where the boys would tease me and try to talk to me in Javanese and trick me into paying a lot more for my [...]

DSIP Testimony

By Nikkola Pickering (Semester 31/Aug 2010)
Murdoch University

“The last week and a half has been an immense learning experience for us. We have been welcomed into our sub-units and dusun (hamlet) very well, and feel happy in our surroundings."

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Sending excess luggage home

By Lisa Mapson (Semester 29/Aug 2009 & Semester 30/Feb 2010)
University of Melbourne

I write this having yesterday experienced one of my worst ‘Indonesian days’ as I saw a fellow anak ACICIS, along with whom I had just completed my Malang semester, off from Surabaya airport.

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Malang at 6am

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 30/Feb 2010) University of Western Australia ‘Like a fried banana?’ said Yonky, grinning. No, I wasn’t in a warung or a pasar or the local banci-run hairdressing salon. It was 6am and my tennis lesson was about to start. Yonky, my coach, must have gathered from [...]

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Here come the rains!

By Lauren Russell (Semester 29/Aug 2009) University of Sydney The wet season in Indonesia has begun in force! At the moment the rain is falling so hard on my noisy roof that it is impossible to sleep. The rain seems to fall with such force here. Like the raindrops are [...]