Semester Testimonials

Kos Life

By Annika Wood (Semester 28/Feb 2009) University of New South Wales The concept of privacy is pretty foreign here so if you are someone who believes strongly in minding one’s own business you better get over that idea pretty fast… or just don’t move into my kos (boarding house). Everything [...]

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An American Student in Indonesia

By Heather Christie (Semester 27/Aug 2008) St Lawrence University My name is Heather Christie and I believe I am one of a small handful of Americans to ever travel with ACICIS. I first thought of going abroad to Indonesia in the fall of 2007, several months after I began learning [...]

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Things I’ve Learned in Jogja

By Heather Christie (Semester 27/Aug 2008)
St Lawrence University

You shouldn't get annoyed when people use their left indicator to turn right 1km ahead .... at least they used an indicator. One beneficial use of smog - protection from sunburns!

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All the Reasons Why

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Curtin University “Why do you like going to Indonesia?” I was asked shortly before leaving for my ACICIS semester in Malang. Why do people like chocolate? Or good wine? Or spectacular sunsets? As with these questions, I had never considered exactly why I have [...]

Food Glorious Food

By Ada Castle (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Monash University In the spirit of my room being right next to the kitchen in my kos(student dorm), I thought it was time for an update on Jogja - through food - before i leave in just over 3 weeks! I will seriously be getting [...]

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The Sophisticated Notion of Gender in Indonesia

By Brooke Nolan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Curtin University The first time I was told to go to the men’s toilets by the half-asleep Javanese girl masquerading as a toilet attendant, I got a bit cranky. After a few weeks in Malang, it became patently clear to me that this was [...]

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What is UII like?

By Thomas Coghlan (Semester 27/Aug 2008) Private student, Victoria It’s been great so far. Lots of fun living in Yogya and travelling around, and things are going well at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). In terms of the university, they have been fantastic. They are very well organised, all the lecturers [...]

From Kecap Manis to Kota Manis

By Elena Williams (Semester 20/Feb 2005) University of Sydney When I was five years old I tasted my first bowl of nasi goreng at my Darwin primary school’s annual Indonesian Day. I remember thinking it was too sweet, doused in Indonesia’s famous kecap manis (sweet soy sauce); little did I [...]

An Authentic Experience

By Irma Djaya (Semester 26/Feb 2008) University of Sydney There was a preconceived notion that studying at an Islamic university would be difficult and as a foreigner I would feel uncomfortable in such an environment. Looking back on my semester at Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), I didn't feel like that [...]

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A Lesson in Cultural Sensitivity

By Michael Costa (Semester 26/Feb 2008)
Deakin University

I undertook Islamic units in philosophy, teachings and business to get my head around what it meant to be a Muslim.

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