Fascinated by Gamelan

This is a story of an ACICIS student who is fascinated by a traditional instrumental ensemble of Indonesia — gamelan. Alexandre Jeanson is currently in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, undertaking Flexible Language Immersion Program (FLIP), a semester-long program in which students can choose a mix of Indonesian language classes and other regular [...]

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2024 Practicum Costs

How much does a ACICIS Professional Practicum cost? The ACICIS Professional Practicum Programs are high-quality, intensive academic study programs delivered in Indonesia for Australian and international university students. ACICIS practicum programs combines academic study with a 160 hour professional placement at an Indonesian or international host organisation. Placement host [...]

Great Digital Media

About Great Digital Media We are a digital agency that focused on internet marketing, social media marketing, and content creation. Our service includes but not limited to promoting both of your products and services through media and digital platforms. We also offer creative solutions for your business [...]

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Ace House Collective

About Ace House Collective Ace House Collective is an artists' collective that works with communities and their networks in running a space as a youth art and culture laboratory. Established in 2011 on self-funding, this community strives to support and develop the potential and the contribution to [...]

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About RefillMyBottle RefillMyBottle is a non-profit community-based project in Bali that offers a simple alternative to buying bottled water that is providing an interactive mobile app to help people find nearby locations - be it a cafe, dive center, museum, or shop - where they can walk [...]

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Matanai Temawang Agung

About Matanai Temawang Agung Matanai Temawang Agung (MTA) was established in Bali in February 2019 with the long-term mission of invigorating local economic activity. The company has three business areas: the operation of tourist villas and cottages, agriculture, and the supply of agriculture facilities. Located in a quiet [...]

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PT One People Indonesia

About 1 People "1 People's mantra is "Together", because we can only make things happen if we unite and take a stand to make things right. 1 People invites you to a world of beautiful fashion that celebrates good and sustainable Danish design. But we hope that [...]

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Rumah Dokumenter

About Rumah Dokumenter Rumah Dokumenter was established since 2002 in Klaten, Central Java. Rumah Dokumenter is a workshop place to learn about documentary film production. Every year Rumah Dokumenter accepts students from various schools and universities. They come up with ideas, and those ideas are turned into [...]

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Srengenge Idealabs

About Srengenge Idealabs Srengenge Idealabs is creative labs that has specification about marketing communication. Located in art epicentrum of Yogyakarta, Bantul, Srengenge has vision to produce distinctive advertisement by digging local indonesian local insights. We are an advertising agency focusing on developing and organising new strategies and [...]

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Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP)

Apply Now Enquire Now The ACICIS Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) will again be offered in country from January 2023. The program is suitable for undergraduate students, postgraduate coursework students, and early career professionals. The DSPP runs for six weeks in Indonesia, including a two-week [...]

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