About Yayasan Restorasi Mangrove Indonesia
Yayasan Restorasi Mangrove Indonesia/Indonesian Mangrove Restoration Foundation (IMARF) is a non-profit organisation based in Jakarta. IMARF focuses on programs relating to the maintenance and rehabilitation of mangrove forests in coastline areas in Indonesia.
IMARF was established by Nurul Ikhsan, a journalist and environmental activist on mangrove, coastline and marine issues. Ikhsan is also the founder of Yayasan Air, an organisation which works consistently toward fair water utilisation. The foundation focuses on water issues, water conservation and sanitation. He is also a founder and manager of Yayasan Rawat Budaya and other NGOs working on environmental issues.

Currently, IMARF works on mangrove planting in critical mangrove areas, maintenance of planted mangrove seedlings, mangrove nurseries in several provinces, campaigning on mangrove, coastline and marine issues, research and training for mangrove conservation cadre, seminars and education on mangrove forests, mangrove forest expedition and community empowerment.

Requirements of interns

Possible internship duties

  • Supporting the campaigning unit
  • Developing strategies for outreach programs
  • Supporting IMARF in seed collection, nursery and mangrove tree planting programs

Work hours
Monday to Friday (9am-4pm with lunch break between 12am and 1pm). Possibile work on the weekends.

IMARF Office
Jalan Manggarai Utara VI No. 13