About Indofood CBP
International Operations Division (IOD) International Operations Division (IOD)
IOD is the international arm of Indofood in promoting and selling Indofood products worldwide. We export Indofood products across the continent to Asia, Australia, Africa & Europe.  We develop our business through various business models, from partnerships with local distributors to giving licenses to companies for production, distribution & marketing of our products.

Following is the business model that we use in expanding Indofood business overseas
– Working together with local distributors to develop the market, starting from distribution until marketing the products with various level of cooperation.
– Giving license to licensee companies to produce, distribute, and market our products.
– Setting up Indofood-owned overseas units.

Departments in IOD
– Supply chain and Logistics
– Sales and business analytics
– Finance and Accounting
– Marketing
– Product Development and Quality Control

Interns shall assist in daily operations of specific department of IOD. Please bring your personal laptop.

Jakarta – Sudirman Plaza (Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav. 76-78) – 23rd Floor