The Project: Landscapes and Biodiversity

CFORAs an international forestry research organization CIFOR aims “to advance human well-being, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research that informs policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries.” More specifically, under the Sustainable Landscapes and Food (SLF) theme, CIFOR will provide evidence based research that will contribute to poverty reduction, integrated natural resource management, and improved diets and nutrition. CIFOR’s research will seek to reconcile forests, trees and agroforestry with other land uses at the landscape to achieve these overarching goals. Research will continue to build upon the current body of work that aims to devise a more holistic landscape approach that seeks to balance the complex trade-offs between conservation and development.

The intern(s) will contribute to CIFORs work on landscapes, biodiversity and food security, specifically the following broad topics: integrated landscape management, biodiversity conservation, forests and food security, nutrition and diets, forests and human health and wildlife management.

Requirements of interns (specific experience or skills, laptop, equipment, etc.)

  • Interns should be pursuing a Bachelors or Masters in a relevant field such as forestry, agricultural, ecology or natural resource management.
  • Experience working in an international setting, conducting desktop research and/or field work and working within a multi-disciplinary team
  • The ability to conduct work independently and within a team, strong research skills and data management skills

Possible internship duties

  • Support desk top research
  • Contribute to CIFOR publications such as journal articles, info briefs, and occasional papers
  • Data management
  • Conduct field work with CIFOR staff, where appropriate

Work hours

The intern will work regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 9AM- 5PM. If the intern is conducting field work or travel this is subject to change at the discretion of the supervisor.


The intern will be based at CIFOR Headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia