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One night’s accommodation will be provided as part of the program orientation in Salatiga.
There will also be one nights’ accommodation provided in Yogyakarta the day before orientation commences, for those wishing to fly into Yogyakarta and take advantage of a courtesy bus from Yogyakarta to Salatiga.

During the program

Arranging accommodation for the remainder of the program is generally the responsibility of the student for other ACICIS programs, however given the short nature of the Indonesian Language Short Course, and limited availability of accommodation in Salatiga, ACICIS can assist you to arrange accommodation for the duration of the Language Short Course.

Once you’ve been accepted onto the program, you will receive an Accommodation Guide as part of a series of pre-departure emails, along with an online form where you can nominate whether you would like ACICIS to help book accommodation for you, or whether you’d like to arrange your own.

Some accommodation options will require that you place a deposit to secure your room. ACICIS will confirm the deposit amount once availability has been checked, and the ACICIS Secretariat will send you an online payment link so we can pay the deposit on your behalf. The balance of fees will need to be settled before you check in to the accommodation.

Below are the accommodation options that will be outlined further in the Accommodation Guide:

Homestay (recommended)

  • Living in a homestay will offer you the experience of seeing Indonesian lifestyles on a daily basis. Homestays are recommended by Satya Wacana University (UKSW) for ILSC students as the preferred accommodation option, as it adds to the immersive experience of the program.
  • Host families are experienced in hosting international students studying in Salatiga.
  • Breakfast and dinner are included on weekdays and weekends, and lunch is also included on weekends.  A laundry service is also offered.
  • The Homestay options costs around $70 per week, and no deposit is required.


  • If you want to live in a house but would like to live independently (not in a family house), guesthouses are the best option. Guesthouses are simple hotel-style accommodation where the facilities are similar to a hotel, but very simple.
  • There are a few guesthouses in Salatiga that ACICIS recommends and can help you book for the duration of your 3 or 6 week program.
  • The cost of a room in a guesthouse is approximately $75-200 a week.

Exclusive Kos

  • A ‘Kos’ is a boarding house for students or workers, which can be a house with a set of attached rooms or a house/building which is essentially like a mini-apartment block. There are a number of types—male, female or mixed. Some kos have rules (such as curfews for females) and all come with managers or the family itself who enforce those rules. They usually have a basic common kitchen, parking area, guest room, and security/domestic staff. In some laundry is inclusive, in others such extras involves additional fees.
  • Generally speaking, kos catering to workers in Salatiga are less restrictive than the kos traditionally catering to students. In Salatiga, there are not many options for a short stay kos, as the owners mostly rent the kos on a long term basis. There are some options, however, that we can recommend for short term stays.
  • An Exclusive Kos in Salatiga will cost around $70-$150 per month (and you will likely need to pay for a full month even if you are only staying 3 weeks).


  • Hotels are also an option for short stays and there are a number that ACICIS can assist you to book.
  • Hotels range from $20-60 per night, and in some circumstances we can assist you to negotiate a monthly price.

What you need to know

  • Duration: 3 weeks – 6 weeks
  • Session Dates:
    • Session 1: 3 January – 25 January 2020
    • Session 2: 24 January – 15 February 2020
  • Application Deadline: 1 October 2019
  • Tuition Fee: AUD $1,175 (1 session)
Financial Help: AUD $3,000 NCP grants*
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