All academic content of the ILSC is delivered and assessed by academic staff from Satya Wacana University’s (UKSW) Language Training Centre (LTC). Students undertake either 60 hours of language tuition (three-week course) or 120 hours of language tuition (six-week course) through the LTC’s Indonesian Culture and Language Intensive Program or Program Intensif Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia (PIBBI). Language tuition is offered at six course levels, catering to students at all levels of language learning from introductory through to advanced.

The teaching and learning materials and activities utilised by the LTC’s PIBBI are integrated to provide a balance across all four skill areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The activities also help participants build vocabulary, language functions, and introduce them to other linguistic and cultural aspects of the Indonesian language. Teaching materials cover a wide range of topics –   from family life, occupations and work, to food, urban living, and Indonesian society – and mine these topics for the learning opportunities they present for developing students’ linguistic proficiency and cultural adeptness in an Indonesian-speaking context. At each course level, teaching activities include fieldtrips to a variety of social settings in and around Salatiga as a means of augmenting students’ classroom studies and providing students with real world settings in which to apply their in-class language learning.

Course Levels

Contact Hours

Three-week program of study (one session)

 Total course time commitment: Approximately 140 hours

  • 40 hours of language classes
  • 10 hours of interactive cultural experiences
  • 4 hours of in-class assessments
  • 6 hours of in-class project work
  • 80 hours of independent study and assignments

Six-week program of study (two sequential sessions)

Total course time commitment: Approximately 280 hours

  • 80 hours of language classes
  • 20 hours of interactive cultural experiences
  • 8 hours of in-class assessments
  • 12 hours of in-class project work
  • 160 hours of independent study and assignments