What Students Did, Thought & Their Feedback

“My experience in Indonesia has been an amazing cultural and self-transformative experience. The opportunity to live and study there has been an absolute privilege and I am so grateful to have been able to participate in the ACICIS program.”

Anonymous respondent in the Student Feedback Survey

ACICIS is honoured to have hosted 37 students from 13 Australian and 2 European universities during our Semester 57 programs in Indonesia from August to December 2023. We take immense pride in the positive reception and appreciation expressed by the students towards our programs. Furthermore, we are pleased to affirm the impeccable execution of each event, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all participants. Notably, 21 out of the 37 students were recipients of the prestigious New Colombo Plan (NCP) mobility grants from the Australian Government.  

You can read the detailed wrap-up of each program by clicking the following links: FLIP Wrap-Up, DSIP Wrap-Up, IRP Wrap-Up & IBLS Wrap-Up

Upon concluding the program, students are invited to partake in an anonymous survey aimed at soliciting constructive feedback regarding their ACICIS experience. Impressively, 35 out of the 37 participants (95%) shared their insights through the survey. The ensuing snapshot encapsulates the valuable feedback received:

100 % of respondents said they would recommend ACICIS to other students at their university!

As we wrap up Semester 57, let’s take a moment to dive into and appreciate some of the coolest highlights that not only made this term a blast but also contributed to the overall fantastic experience we’ve had throughout the semester!

Click on the photos below to take a glimpse at the posts created by our S57 Social Media Ambassadors! Their engaging content offers an insightful glimpse into the enriching experiences and dynamic activities of the semester, seamlessly blending professionalism with a touch of fun.


Claudia Wijaya (Macquarie University)
Lawrence Gilardi (SOAS University of London)

Explore the comprehensive insights of one of our participants, Allys Hansel from Australian National University, below:  

Allys Hansell is a 2023 New Colombo Plan mobility grant recipient from The Australian National University. She is studying Bachelor of Asian Studies and Bachelor of Economics. Allys undertook the Flexible Language Immersion Program for one semester at Gadjah Mada University from August until December 2023. Read her profile here.

We anticipate with enthusiasm the forthcoming session of semester programs scheduled for August to December 2024!

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the secretariat at enquiries@acicis.edu.au or on (08) 6488 6675.

The ACICIS Study Indonesia Team