In 2023, during the hot, scorching summer in September, ACICIS welcomed two students from The University of Western Australia and officially restarted the International Relation Program (IRP) in Bandung. Just like before the pandemic in 2020, the students would learn about many aspects of international relations and perspectives at Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) while immersing themselves in Indonesian culture. The two students were supported by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan mobility grants.

During their length of study, students had the option to only take classes or choose an internship alongside their classes. Both of our students chose the classes only because they wanted to focus on immersing themselves in other activities and exploring Indonesia during their stays.

Tyler Connelly (The University of Western Australia) and Casper Stoddart (The University of Western Australia) both volunteered for AIYA and attended a few of their activities in Bandung and Jakarta.

Tyler Connelly also attended the MIKTA Youth Conferences in Jakarta as one of the delegations of Australia. The event focused on the dialogue between Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, and Australia, on the development of a creative, inclusive, and multilateralism change, and the future of economic and social development led by young people.

During their time here, Tyler and Casper explored many islands and oceans with their hobby of surfing. They went to Yogyakarta, Bukit Lawang Sumatera, Belitung, Lombok, and Bali to tease the waves and enjoy the tropical weather before the rainy season came.

Congratulations to both of them for their achievements this semester! We hope you had a wonderful semester in Indonesia. Sampai jumpa!