By Aaron Fowler (Semester 10/Feb 2000)
Curtin University of Technology

My name is Aaron and I had the pleasure of participating in the ACICIS program in Semester 10, 2000. At the time I was studying a double degree program in Accounting and Indonesian Language. By participating in the ACICIS program it gave me the credits needed to complete my Indonesian degree and I knew that it would set me apart from the thousands of other students that also study accounting.

One thing that I didn’t realise at the time is that the ACICIS program would give me the experience of a lifetime that would shape and mould my way of thinking for the rest of my life. You come back more “worldly” and with the attitude of grabbing life and shaking it for all its worth.

I now work for a large Accounting company with over 100 offices in 90 countries. My interview lasted for about 40 minutes and for about 30 of those minutes we discussed my experience on the ACICIS program. The interviewer was so intrigued and mesmerised by how exciting the experience was. That afternoon I was informed that I had been successful.

The following day I was invited out to dinner with one of the partners and my team from the firm. I asked the partner that interviewed me why he didn’t ask me about any of my accounting knowledge or background. He replied: “The accounting background is important but not essential. What we are looking for are people that can cope in new and exciting situations, people that are prepared to challenge and push themselves. Your experience on the ACICIS program is what set you apart, ACICIS gave you the edge over the hundreds of other applicants”.