ACICIS would like to share with you the student feedback from the ACICIS Winter 2021 Virtual Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP). The data below is a snapshot of the feedback and opinions provided by students who completed the virtual JPP in June – September 2021.

Winter 2021 Virtual JPP Summary, Student Profiles and Articles

You can read a full wrap-up on ACICIS’ Winter 2021 Virtual Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) here.

Iris Zheng undertook a placement with The Jakarta Globe. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Media and Communications) at The University of Sydney. Read her profile here. During her time at The Jakarta Globe, Iris wrote the following articles:
Indonesian in Australia Relies on e-Commerce to Help Family Back Home
Digital Trade to Lead Indonesia’s COVID-19 Recovery
Space Tech is the Next Trillion-Dollar Leap for Mankind

Shayma Abdellatif, a Bachelor Communication/ Bachelor International Studies student from Western Sydney University interned with The Jakarta Post. During her internship, Shayma had the following articles published:
Australian regional town becomes ‘Kampung Indonesia’
Indonesian women in Australia hold on to faith, community amid COVID-19

Maggie Leung from Curtin University, also interned with The Jakarta Globe. Maggie is a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Journalism) student. During her internship, Maggie wrote the following articles:
Indonesia, Australia Enhance Defense and Covid Response Cooperation
Malaria Threat Resurfaces Due to Climate Change and Covid-19