Following the success of the Summer 2021 Virtual Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP), ACICIS Study Indonesia welcomed students virtually to the Winter 2021 JPP program, held from June to September. The students came from three Australian universities: Curtin University, The University of Sydney, and Western Sydney University. Two of the students who participated in this program were supported by the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program. The Academic Program Officer, Dr Ella Prihatini, oversaw all academic components of this program. Our Resident Director, Dr Adrian Budiman, also assisted as the co-APO for JPP in some of the seminar and tutorial sessions.

The first three-weeks of the Winter 2021 JPP consisted of virtual Indonesian language classes, virtual seminar series and virtual field trips. These were then followed by a flexible period of nine-weeks for the virtual professional placement with media organisations. JPP students virtually attended 40 hours of Indonesian language classes hosted by Atma Jaya University. The Bahasa Indonesia classes were designed to help students immerse in the Indonesian culture. For the seminar series, we invited high calibre speakers from various backgrounds such as journalists, academics, researchers and leaders from the media industry and think-tank organisations, as well as lecturers and researchers from universities both in Indonesia and Australia.

The students had an opportunity to virtually visit the urban development on the riverbanks of the Kali Code (Code River). During this fieldtrip, JPP students joined Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) students to observe the conservation and river management efforts in the area. They participated in discussions with Pemerti Kali Code (individuals involved in urban planning, tourism and development along the Code River). JPP students also had a chance to interview the Pemerti Kali Code team members. For the second fieldtrip, the JPP students together with Agriculture Professional Practicum (APP) and DSPP students virtually went to Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) with Divers Clean Action (DCA). During the fieldtrip, DCA demonstrated the eco trip practices and sustainable tourism programs that they initiated with the local tourism providers and organisations on the Islands. DCA successfully delivered this fieldtrip in an interactive and insightful way and brought the ‘island vibes’ into the homes of our students.

As part of the program, students also watched two movies. Each of which is followed by a Q&A discussion with representatives from these films. The first movie session was Jalanan in which students had a unique opportunity to chat with the director and producer of the film, Daniel Ziv. The second film was Semesta (Islands of Faith). Mandy Marahimin, the movie producer attended the Q&A session to answer all questions asked by the ACICIS students.

In the nine-week flexible period of the program, students undertook a 160-hour professional placement at their assigned media organisations. ACICIS partnered with two host organisations for this program, including The Jakarta Post, and Jakarta Globe. Both are located in Jakarta.

The program was concluded with a closing ceremony and a program evaluation session and both were delivered online. The APO held an interactive session to reflect on the personal bonding built between each other regardless of the distances and time-zone differences. Finally, we would like to thank all of the host organisations that always provided tremendous support and assistance for our students in these challenging times. We would like to also thank Atma Jaya University and all speakers who made this program possible. A big congratulations to all JPP students! ACICIS wishes you all the best in your future endeavours. Terima kasih banyak!