By Heather Christie (Semester 27/Aug 2008)
St Lawrence University

You shouldn’t get annoyed when people use their left indicator to turn right 1km ahead …. at least they used an indicator.

One beneficial use of smog – protection from sunburns!

Kanteen Kansas runs out of food precisely at 12:30.

Cold mandis get very old after about …. a week.

There is no such thing as an inconspicuous bule …. EVER.

Just because the light is red does not mean people will stop.

When in doubt, catch the number seven.

Just because you understood your class last week does not mean you will understand it this week.

There is always a bule price, no matter how good your Indonesian.

Es jeruk is fantastic.

Tempe rox my sox.

Electronic dictionaries are more valuable than most things you own.

Writing in Indonesian late at night never has good results.

No one else in the world understands or functions in miles, gallons, or degrees Fahrenheit, and that is sad.

Some of the best warungs are the smallest and least noticeable.

Some of the worst warungs are the smallest and least noticeable.

It is always satisfying to get an account balance from the ATM because it makes you look like a millionaire.