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Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum

Emmi Kerkham is a participant in the 2018 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from Curtin University. Emmi is studying a Bachelor of Arts (Illustration Design). Emmi received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake the ACICIS program?

I am currently studying Illustration Design and I love to travel and explore new places. I was very
excited by the idea of being able to combine my two passions whilst gaining valuable and unique
experiences, both professional and cultural, through undertaking the ACICIS practicum.

Q: How will the Professional Practicum benefit or influence your future career?

This Professional Practicum has inspired me in so many ways to work hard towards my future career; it has given me newfound confidence in my work and encouraged me to start actively seeking opportunities and pushing my practice further. I have loved every second of working at the In-house Creative Unit at Dagadu, and this experience has inspired me to work hard to see myself in a workplace that I love as much as this one.

 Q: What organisation are you interning with? (Explain your roles and responsibilities)

I am interning with Dagadu Djokdja within the In-house Creative Unit. Dagadu is a famous cultural gift-store within Yogyakarta, and they are well known for their quirky t-shirts that showcase aspects of Yogyakarta. Throughout the internship, I was tasked with immersing myself in the local culture in order to design a t-shirt for the Dagadu Djokgja brand. This task has been both challenging and highly rewarding. It has been amazing to work on a real life project surrounded by talented designers that have supported me through the process.

Q: How have you found the work culture of your host organisation? How is it different to work experience in Australia?

The work culture at Dagadu Djokgja is incredible; I absolutely love the relaxed, friendly and social environment. Although I have not yet experienced a design studio workplace within Australia, it is safe to say that this is easily the happiest workplace I have ever witnessed.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time in Indonesia?

In my spare time I love to relax, share meals, listen to live music and explore with the many friends I have made in Indonesia, both local and from the ACICIS program.

Q: Would you like to return to work in Indonesia again in future?

I am so sad to be returning to Australia this week as I have loved this experience so much; it is an incredible feeling to look forward to coming into work every day. If I had the opportunity to continue working here at Dagadu I’d move to Yogyakarta in a heartbeat!

Q: Favourite place to eat and favourite Indonesian food?

My favourite place to eat would have to be at home in our outdoor living room, ordering Go-Food from the Go-Jek app. Having a relaxed night in with my roommates is always a good time after a long day at work. My favourite Indonesian food so far would have to be Gado Gado; I’m a sucker for a good peanut sauce – enak sekali!

Q: Favourite Indonesian word/phrase?

My favourite Indonesian word would have to be Pedas, meaning spicy. This is closely followed by the phrase “Anda bercanda!” (You’re joking) as it always seems to get a giggle from the locals; I assume because it is a highly formal way of saying Australian slang in Indonesian – probably a weird combination.

Q: What places in Indonesia have you visited during your practicum so far?

During my time in Indonesia, I lived in Jakarta for three weeks and Yogyakarta for four weeks, and it was not nearly long enough! My weekends have been spent exploring Indonesia with friends. We visited and stayed a weekend on Pramuka Island during our time in Jakarta, and during our time in Yogyakarta we have made many day trips to beautiful places such as Borobodur Temple, Jomblang cave and Ngangdong beach.