We would like to congratulate our students, staff, Program Officers, and Liaison Officers on the success of the Jakarta Professional Practica 2016!

At the beginning of each year the Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP), Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP), and Business Professional Practicum (BPP) (our Jakarta Professional Practica) run for six weeks in Jakarta. During these six weeks, students will undergo two weeks of Indonesian language classes at the Atma Jaya University along with a series of seminars, followed by four weeks of a professional placement at Jakarta-based organisations. The long term goal of our Jakarta Professional Practica is to enhance bilateral understanding through the creation of new partnerships between Australian students and Indonesian counterparts and to serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the fields of journalism, development studies, and business.

In 2016, we welcomed 68 students to our Jakarta Professional Practica. After a successful six weeks, our students had not only gained professional experience from leading Indonesian companies and institutions, some of them decided to extend their placement and even secured future employment at their respective Host Organisation. To celebrate this success, we held a closing ceremony on Friday, 12 February 2016, at the Atma Jaya University.

The event kicked off with lunch and speeches from the Atma Jaya’s Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business, Dr Yohanes Eko Widodo, the Atma Jaya Vice Rector Elisabeth Rukmini, Ph.D., and from ACICIS Deputy Resident Director, Dr Adrian Budiman. Following this, Georgia Gillies from Murdoch University (BPP – Western Australia Trade Office), Ashleigh Cook from Flinders University (DSPP – Indonesian Corruption Watch), and Max Stainkamph from RMIT University (JPP – Rappler) were invited to share their experience studying and interning in Jakarta.

In this year’s Jakarta Professional Practica, we also introduced the Social Media Awards to encourage students to be active on sharing their experience on the social media. The well-deserved winners of these Social Media Awards are Nathan Brown from RMIT University (JPP – Tempo), and Asia Taylor from the University of Sunshine Coast (JPP – Asia Calling).

Congratulations everyone! It has been a great six weeks and we look forward to seeing where 2016 Jakarta Professional Practica will take you in the future!

Applications are open for the 2017 Jakarta Professional Practicum. Applications can be downloaded here. https://www.acicis.edu.au/apply-now/download-forms/