In order for a foreigner to study in Indonesia for more than a few weeks, a Temporary Residence Permit (KITAS) is required. As such, semester students must enter Indonesia on a Temporary Stay Visa or VITAS, which is subsequently converted into a KITAS after arrival in their city of study. ACICIS’ in-country staff will assist with this conversion process. The KITAS study visa:

  • Is valid for 12 months (or 6 months for ASP students) from the date of entry (for both single semester and annual students).
  • Requires you to send your passport to ACICIS one month (minimum) prior to the start of the semester or nominate an overseas mission for visa-pick up if you will be travelling.
  • Requires a minimum 22 months validity on your passport at the time of application.
  • A sponsored visa that is valid so long as you are enrolled with your sponsoring institution (your Indonesian university, not ACICIS).
  • A study visa. You may not work.
  • Includes a Multiple Exit-Reentry Permit for the first six months. This allows you to enter and exit the country.
  • Non-convertible to another visa type.
  • Requires cancellation via the issuance of an exit permit prior to permanent departure. KITAS holders must make arrangements for their permanent departure from the city where they are registered immediately prior to leaving Indonesia. That is, students in Bandung, for example, will be required to apply for an Exit Permit Only in Bandung immediately prior to going home. You cannot finish the semester, travel to the other end of the archipelago and then exit from a place of your convenience.

More information about the VITAS Visa can be found here.