Tristan Noa Araisya

Program Assistant

Beginning in November 2023, Tristan Noa Araisya is employed as a program assistant for the ACICIS in Jakarta. She is now appointed as Program Assistant for Bogor Programs. Tristan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Universitas Airlangga. Her interests mainly lay on global politics, environment, sustainable development, and humanitarianism. When she was a student, she focus on her interests by joining the Student Creativity Program-Written Ideas (PKM-GT) by Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and her team was awarded as an incentive receiver. Along with her team, she was also successful in publishing an article for the journal “Indonesian Perspective”. Other than that, she participated in various international conferences as well.

Aside from her academic life, she has interned in Blitar Immigration Office as a staff. There, she was in charge of writing reports, creating original contents for the office, and helping with foreigners’ visa and stay permit issues. From there, she got her first multicultural experience and more interested in intercultural communication. Graduating from the university, she later appointed as a Human Resource (HR) in a start-up company, Warung Sayur Segar. For the time being, she learned a lot there, particularly about managing people and handling problems in a professional setting. She later chose to become a member of ACICIS. Her motivations stem from her passion for multiculturalism and intercultural communication.