University ACICIS Study Indonesia Liaison Person:
Name: Ms Julie Lambert
Position: Manager of Global Mobility

Application Guidelines

For more information on how to apply to an ACICIS program, see the following links:

Need help with University Approval?

Semester Abroad Programs

International Relations Program

Name: Professor Andrew O’Neil
Position: Head of School, School of Government and International Relations

Information for IRP applicants

Summer Abroad Programs

Business Professional Practicum

Name: A/Prof Allan Blackman
Position: Director, WIL Programs

Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum

Name: Dr Beck Davis
Position: Senior Lecturer – Design

Journalism Professional Practicum

Name: Mr Ashil Ranpara
Position: Journalism Internships Placement Officer

*For all other programs, please contact the ACICIS Study Abroad Liaison Person at Griffith University (listed above).

ACICIS @ Your University

For more information on ACICIS programs at your university, see the following links:

Arranging Credit:
Gaining Credit for ACICIS Practicum Programs –

  •  Service Learning Course – The free choice elective course (Community Internship) provides the opportunity for Griffith University students to gain real work experience through volunteering in community organisations for academic credit.
  • Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum –  Students will enrol in International Study Exchange unit 3597QCA with the Queensland College of Art to receive 20 credit points.

New Colombo Plan funding is available for Griffith University students. Details can be found here.