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Advisory Panel for Law Professional Practicum

ACICIS is currently developing the Law Professional Practicum (LPP), a six-week intensive academic and vocational study program in Indonesia exposing Australian and international students to the complexity and nuances of the Indonesian legal system. With the pilot program to run from January to February 2018 and industry placements at participating Australian [...]

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ACICIS Agriculture Semester Program Pilot

New Colombo Plan produces new crop of Indonesia-literate Australian agriculture graduates PERTH – 22 December 2016. A national program has been launched to encourage Australian agriculture students to spend a semester of their undergraduate studies in Indonesia. Spearheaded by the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (known as ACICIS), this [...]

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ACICIS Semester Programs: January 2017 Intake (Semester 44)

ACICIS Study Indonesia is excited to announce the student intake numbers for our January 2017 semester programs. ACICIS will send 62 students from eighteen Australian universities to participate in six ACICIS semester programs in the first half of 2017 (Semester 44). 78 new students will travel to Indonesia with ACICIS, joining 4 continuing [...]

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ACICIS Practicum Programs: January 2017 Intake

In January 2017 ACICIS will welcome 106 students from twenty two Australian/NZ universities to participate in the four ACICIS Practicum Programs. Of the 106 students undertaking study in Indonesia through ACICIS in January/February 2017, 80 are doing so with the assistance of New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants. The breakdown of ACICIS 2017 [...]

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ACICIS Study Indonesia: 2017 New Colombo Plan Scholars

The 2017 New Colombo Plan Scholars have been announced with 105 scholarships awarded to students for study in the Indo-Pacific region. The 105 Scholars and the 7,400 New Colombo Plan mobility grant recipients in 2017 will take the total number of students supported by the New Colombo Plan in its first [...]

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February 2016 (Semester 42) Semester Program Student Feedback

While the ACICIS Secretariat is busy processing student applications for the February 2017 (Semester 44) intake of ACICIS’ semester programs, we thought you might be interested in the student feedback from our Semester 42 (February-July 2016)*. The data below is a snapshot of the feedback and opinions provided by students who completed the [...]

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ACICIS Public Health Study Tour 2016 Pilot Intake Summary

Summary of ACICIS Public Health Study Tour 2016 Pilot Intake ACICIS Study Indonesia is excited to announce the student intake numbers for the consortium’s inaugural Public Health Study Tour (PHST).  Twenty-three students from twelve Australian universities will be undertaking the pilot iteration of the program in November-December 2016. Of the twenty-three students undertaking study [...]

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2017 Jakarta Professional Practica: Program Officers

ACICIS Study Indonesia is very excited to announce our 2017 Jakarta Professional Practica Program Officers (POs), who will be joining the ACICIS team in Jakarta in January-February 2017. Our highly-esteemed Program Officers are assigned for the duration of a Jakarta Professional Practica to oversee all aspects of the program, including the supervision of its [...]

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New ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program Video

Since 2010, ACICIS Study Indonesia has been sending Australian University students to Yogyakarta to undertake the Development Studies Immersion Program (DSIP) hosted by Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In February-June 2016 (Semester 42), ACICIS students once again undertook the Development Studies Immersion Program - this time expanded significantly to include a [...]

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2017 NCP Funding Announcement

The Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program will provide a fresh boost of support for Australian undergraduate students wanting to study in Indonesia through ACICIS, with the announcement this week of $1.9 million of new funding awarded.

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